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Tired legs?

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      I had the cold bug just after new year and ever since I have been suffering for tired legs/arms. I feel OK most of the time but my muscles are getting tired very quickly and from things that normally wouldn’t have an effect. Often when I wake after a good sleep (still needing more than usual ) they are still tired. Is there anything I can take to help this and get me back to normal energy levels?

    • To recover from a cold you need to rest. Difficult with our busy lifestyles but essential, and more so as you get older.
      Get some easy food in, turn off your phone, arrange for a friend to do the horse.
      Get up late, read a book, have a nap, keep warm, go to bed early.
      Get up next day, feeling great. If not, repeat.

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      I would suggest a VitD supplement if you don’t already take one. If you do, perhaps it’s time to ask your GP for a test to check that you are getting an adequate amount of VitD

    • Could be putting to much pressure on your feet when you walk? Do you suffer from any aches and pains? Shin splints? Maybe taking the pressure off your feet by wearing some insoles inside your shoes could help.






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