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    The economic problem with developing antibiotics is that for there to be a return for a business they have to sell in volume before the patent expires yet no responsible regulator will allow a powerful novel antibiotic to be used for anything but the hardest cases so we need a new model for funding development and extracting value.

    The political…[Read more]

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    Serious question – how is it bad management re: the playing style?
    It’s brilliant what Wigan did (as a United fan you had me cheering from the rafters). But, you’ll not be bank rolling a bid for Messi anytime soon off the back of a good FA Cup run. It almost (could?) prove where the focus lies. There are trophies and there are trophies – unfortunately.

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    That’s a pretty good assessment. I’m a Manchester United fan. The Fergie years were great, there is no denying that. Made better for having spirited rivals like Arsenal and Liverpool. And of course there were marquee signings but they felt special and fairly rare. One of the pundits on the radio made the point that £30 million nowadays gets you a…[Read more]

    • I agree entirely. And add to that the disgraceful cheating on the pitch, the bullying of the ref when decisions don’t go their way and the ridiculous earnings. Totally soulless at the moment (apart from the Leicester win) and frustrating to watch. It just feels as though the whole sport is without integrity from the top to the bottom which in…[Read more]

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    Exactly. You get situations where Pep Gaurdiola wears a yellow ribbon in support for jailed Catalonian politicians, which is against FA rules… yet is an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup where far more human rights issues are a problem. Then you look at who pays his salary and it all starts to make sense.

    Has football ever been a beacon of…[Read more]

    • “Has football ever been a beacon of integrity, honesty and morality?”

      Perhaps. A long time ago when footballers went back to their day job on a Monday morning and the only merchandise was a home knitted hat or scarf in appropriate colors.

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    It seems much cheaper than many other sports e.g. premiership football (and more interesting), the people are not paid masses and inspire whole generations on occasions. If 12.5 million people watched it thats only £2 each. For me the summer olympics are more inspiring than winter, but I think definitely worth it.

  • Is it still more of an older generation thing perhaps? Mind you my mother is the boss in her house and she’s nearly 80. Do younger men really expect women to be subservient? come on all you surrendered wives, speak up so that I can gain more insight into the modern world

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    I had the cold bug just after new year and ever since I have been suffering for tired legs/arms. I feel OK most of the time but my muscles are getting tired very quickly and from things that normally wouldn’t have an effect. Often when I wake after a good sleep (still needing more than usual ) they are still tired. Is there anything I can take to…[Read more]

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    Yes an American who runs the website as a Charity, albeit staffed with a large number of well paid staff, and through the website promotes his books.

    Not convinced OP but do agree with the old adages (although not often good at living by them!) – we are what we eat and everything in moderation.

    @connie I agree. Lots of money behind the whole…[Read more]

  • Does that mean you are expecting to be relegated as well?

  • @lilly I had a pair from the running shop so would hope they are decent – £8 a pair, no brand name that I can see on them though. I feel a bit of a fraud right now as I’m only up to a 3 min run! But if the shoes kill after 20 mins of walk/run with 3 min burst of running then I’m not going to make much progress. I really, really need for this to…[Read more]

  • I wonder if it’s to do with the support level. Asics are quite supportive through the arch – I wear them as my feet are quite flat. Maybe the support is too much for you? And then possible sizing issues with some of the others?

    @beckye Thanks – you may have something there as I can feel the support in these and the Saucony ones – I did think…[Read more]

  • Thanks soccergal the Brookes were for sure too narrow, but the ASICs and Saucony ones seemed to have plenty of width, in fact I thought that was the problem originally, thought they were too wide/big. I will look at Merrells, and maybe some other lighter types. The ASICs are trail running shoes, but I liked them better than any others in…[Read more]

  • Could I ask for some advice from any of you experienced runners please? I started the couch to 5k thing a few weeks back. I needed some trainers and went to a shop where they do gait analysis (all good, I’m ‘neutral’) and sold me a pair of Saucony trainers at £90. Cheapest they do but significantly over the budget I had in mind!! First time out I…[Read more]

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    Moyes was meant to replicate Fergie and he went after 10 months.

    I’m not Mourinhos biggest fan either but his methods work and whilst City are flying, sacking your manager or wanting him to leave would only exacerbate an issue that currently really isn’t an issue.

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    You most likely fractured it, I have done it ages ago. Just put a cushion on the chairs and pain killer and it will eventually heal.

  • As others have said, some shoes definitely exacerbate it so chuck out any that do. I have also used over-the-counter insoles if I know I am going to be walking a lot.

    It seems to come in bouts for me, rather than being constant. Five years ago it was so painful that even taking my wellies off made me cry with pain so I do sympathies but mine does…[Read more]