• I would say Eglantyne Jebb and Cicely Saunders changed the world.

  • I read on FB that they actually damaged the car so badly they wrote it off. What is wrong with people, the NHS are struggling with resources enough, now a car that could potentially save someones life is gone. I hope they get fined!

    We actually also had an interesting debate at work, a domestic abuse charity has said they dread these sorts of competitions as statistics show there is always a rise in domestic violence at these times.

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    England 6 Panama 1! I quite enjoyed yesterday’s game, obviously having stuffed possibly the weakest team in the competition (I’m not sure just how bad Saudi Arabia are), I can confidently say we are going to win the World Cup!

    Seriously though, great to see a young team playing with confidence and plenty of ability. Lingard’s goal was wonderful. Stones first goal was the first England goal by a Manchester City player in about 35 years apparently, which says a lot about Stirling’s contribution to England.

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    Argentina 0 – Croatia 3

    The end of an era? Argentina were terrible. Lethargic, sloppy, lacking imagination, unable to string two passes together, crosses going clear over the head of everyone. Messi was peripheral, and infected by the same sloppiness as the rest of them.

    It will take a miracle for them to get out of the group now, so we are probably looking at the final international games in the career of one of the greatest players ever. A sad end, the brilliance of his Barcelona performances never replicated on the biggest stages of all.

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    I thought they were quite skillful and composed. They maybe lacked a bit of guile. They need to sharpen up the finishing a bit and maybe a little more luck with some of the refereeing decisions.

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    What is strange is how stubborn he is.

    His best team was great, but it was hard. Even the flare players like Bergkamp and Henry had that bit of Devil in them. But their Spine was hard, they went out and won the fight then won the game with great soccer.

    For the last decade there has been no spine, no good keeper, no hard center half, no dominant midfielder.. just countless small flare players.

    I think he’s got to go. He had great teams but its been almost 15 years since they were a genuine force.

    • The money players earn is often cited, sometimes lazily, as a reason why that fight or spirit has been lost. Back in the day when your profile dictated earnings, a stellar cup run or a winning team was the zenith upon which you got known and got to dictate somewhat, your worth.

      Now even very average players have image rights, boot deals and endorsements on top of fantastic wages, without some of them really having to prove too much.

      I’m not suggesting a regression to the pre Jimmy Hill days, and fair play to those on the sort of money which means they’re set for life, but when mediocre equals millions there isn’t, as far as I can see, the incentive to be the best.

  • Seems I have been very lucky then as I wouldn’t let any man into my life who wanted to ‘guide’ me or patronise me! As you said, it takes all sorts but I’ve never actually heard any woman describe herself as ‘dependent’ or ‘in need of manly guidance’. It will be interesting to see if anyone who identifies as such makes a contribution to this thread as I’d love to hear their point of view.

  • @connie Of course I’m not trolling. You know perfectly well he doesn’t beat his wife and nor does he think women should spend their lives in the kitchen. He was employing things called “irony” and “black humour” which the wilfully offended and downright stupid choose not to have noticed.

    Not a great joke and pretty dumb of him to have done it on twitter but then again he’s a footballer ((not, of course, that,unlike you, I wish to offend footballers whom I am sure are generally wonderful and very intelligent human beings).

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    To recover from a cold you need to rest. Difficult with our busy lifestyles but essential, and more so as you get older.
    Get some easy food in, turn off your phone, arrange for a friend to do the horse.
    Get up late, read a book, have a nap, keep warm, go to bed early.
    Get up next day, feeling great. If not, repeat.

  • I’d guess they were expecting to work in a safe environment, with clear boundaries about what was acceptable. There is a big difference between being expected to be leered while wearing skimpy clothes and paid for that, and being assaulted. If you go to strip bar it is very clear what the rules are and also clear what the bulky characters in cheap suits would do if they were broken.

  • “Storm in a teacup” doesn’t come close to covering the over-hyping of this non-story.

  • I don’t think it’s just because of this. Look at the amount of women on the pill- surely that’s got to have an effect, then there’s soya which can mimic hormones (if you believe some research) and other chemicals we are consuming/have around us. It can’t be good for us in any way, shape or form. Sadly we have very little control over it.

  • Have you scared yourself by looking online yet? e.g http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/foot-heel-pain

  • I wonder if it’s to do with the support level. Asics are quite supportive through the arch – I wear them as my feet are quite flat. Maybe the support is too much for you? And then possible sizing issues with some of the others?

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    Should he stay or should he go?
    Personally I would like him to go and Sean Dyche replace him.

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    I lived with similar symptoms to you and spent lots at an osteo thinking it was muscular/strength issue/frozen shoulder.

    The pain continued so eventually (two years!!!) I went to doc and referred to physio – she did one thing and said I have to have a scan right away. Turns out I needed a subacromial decompression and was in and out within two weeks. My tendon had frayed a lot in that time but I gained full mobility in just 6 weeks.

    Go to GP first would be my advice.

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    I’ve broken mine twice (fly lesson from same horse).

    Its takes ages to heal. Get coccyx cushions. They are a godsend – sitting on one right now, even though the last time it got broken was 20 months ago!

  • I have 2 pairs of Karrimor XLite. They are great, the material is fleecy at the top, so no see through-ness even when you bend down. Lower down is much lighter weight, so you don’t get too hot.

    One pair has a drawstring, but they fit really well and I don’t use it. The other pair has a really wide soft band.

    I tried cheaper ones, but they were not half as comfortable.

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