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    Was impressed with Tunisia’s obstinacy. Most impressive Volgograd defence since Georgy Zhukov was lacing up his boots.

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    I’m torn between Germany and Brazil to win it and England to get out of their group but lose the next match.

    England will scrape out of their group, win their next match, raising the hopes, and then lose to Germany or Brazil.

    With England it’s not a question of whether they will win, we know they won’t, but there is always some level of novelty to the defeat. OK last time it was just quick and painless, in fact I was too busy cycling around Yorkshire to notice it had started before they were out. But on other occasions, we’ve had the hand of god or the goal that never was, Seaman beaten from the halfway line or a hero sent off after cheating by a swarthy foreigner. Actually, we’ve had at least two of those. Will England play brilliantly yet lose in a penalty shoot-out, or being…[Read more]

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    Sadly I imagine that unless there is a risk of further damage occurring they will just be expecting your GP to provide pain medication.

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    I just wondered if you could then check whether it was a mistake in the referral or not/where they actually wanted you to go.

    I’ve just been dealing with MSK referrals myself and where I am the GP can only refer to the musculo skeletal service, they then triage the referral and decide where it goes. Mine got triaged to the consultant not physio and he has now requested the MRI, so Im just wondering if wilts is similar and the GP cannot ask straight for a scan.

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    Carefully targeted ABs will continue to a highly effective treatment many serious bacterial infections.

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    Radio 4 was reporting how seriously they are taking the ball tampering in the Australian test match, to the point where the transgressor may not play test cricket again. How does this incident stack up against a blatant dive in the penalty area, or a handball such as Thierry Henry’s, whereby he doesn’t own up to it if it isn’t seen. Ball tampering seems no worse to me compared with what goes on in football.

    • It’s rife in every sport and in every country. My colleague who lives in Nigeria and with his daughters, plays tennis at state level, says that one of the biggest frustrations for his daughters is that African parents commonly bribe the passport officer to under-declare their child’s age so that his daughter aged 14 ends up playing a girl aged 15 or 16. Remember those 50 African refugee children who were admitted to the UK and who looked surprisingly mature, beards and all? Then they come to England for the summer holidays, enter local competitions as mixed-race outsiders and find that the local public school tennis champions seem to benefit from an awful lot of the doubt when it comes to scoring and umpire judgements. Very frustrating.

    • Tampering is premeditated and has to be organised. Diving is premeditated in the sense that everybody knows it’s going to happen but not in an organised way like tampering.

      What interests me is the psychology of cheating in professional sport. How do otherwise mainly decent people justify behaviour which deliberately breaks both the spirit but the laws of the game?

      Clearly the high stakes are the prime motivation to push the limits of the laws of a game. But it strikes me that there is a conspiracy of hypocrisy and silence. The media contrives to pretend that sport, even football, maintain some sort of corinthian purity. Most participants know that this is crap as do the ex-players who make up much of the media. What is acceptable is what is deniable.

      Australian cricketers…[Read more]

    • Football people treat cheating as “part and parcel”, whereas cricket sets itself higher standards.

      I’m sure performance enhancing drugs are used routinely in professional football. Nobody gives a shit about that – they barely even get tested.

    • Once money enters the equation fair play and sportsmanship seem to take a back seat.

    • Cheating at sport really does seem strange – but then cheating at anything seems strange to me.

      With regards to “cheating” at sport I do laugh when I’m at a kids cycle race, see all the kids (under 10’s) rolling around the course on top of the range bikes, light as a feather, yet all within the approved guidelines – I do then wonder where it will all stop, at what point will their parents stop encouraging them within the limits and start offering them PED’s to improve performance etc. (or perhaps even the kids will ask for it, to enable them to beat their mates etc.)

      but then what is cheating? staying on one side of an arbitary drawn up code of rules?

    • Perhaps rugby might be a good sport to look at for this, rather than football.

      I don’t think I can explain it very eloquently but I will try (probably because I am no longer familiar with the exact nuances of the rules).

      In rugby, during the game, part of the ‘game’ is to try and take actions that are to your advantage (handling the ball during the breakdown, being slightly offside etc.) which will result in a penalty if caught. Rugby players don’t ‘not do these things’ (as the rules would try and impose) but try to ‘not get caught doing these things’.

      Within the game of rugby this isn’t seen as ‘cheating’. Tampering with a ball in cricket is definitely seen as cheating. Both are technically against the rules.

    • This scandal and another one have had me thinking, a lot, about people and the nature of competition.

      The “other one” erupted on Monday in the Go / Weiqi / Baduk community. In case you don’t know, Go is a mind-sport, an abstract board game, in which players take turns to place stones to surround the area of a square board. The player who surrounds more of the board wins the game but beware the inclination to greed lest you leave a weakness in your borders.

      I have been playing it since 2007. It was the game that Google’s DeepMind Team conquered in March 2016 when their A.I., “AlphaGo”, became the first bot to defeat a professional at the very apex of the sport.

      On Monday, this week, the first conviction for cheating using A.I. was handed down to a European amateur who had…[Read more]

    • I touchingly hope that diving in football may go out of fashion. Messi is a shining example of a player who tries to ride tackles and frequently scores by keeping going when everyone on the pitch stops because they expect him to go down. It was noticeable in the England- Italy match the other night that Sterling twice got back on his feet rather than doing a dying swan act and carried on after being chopped -‘playing his own advantage’ as the commentator put it – and it led to the England goal.

      Of course Delle Alli wasn’t playing, a man who could give Tom Daley diving lessons

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    I’m assuming that England will only stay for the group stage before returning home to an enraged media, then the hunt for a new manager can begin.

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    Buying trophies is why football is the new wrestling – it’s entertainment but it’s not sport. Just like you sit there in a Bond film routing for 007 to win, but really he always does. The outcomes are predictable. Can’t see why the average person wastes any time, money or effort on professional football. Plenty of good sport available these days.

    Football, like the stock market, is just a money game – no longer tied to it’s original purpose.

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    I think it’s a fundamental question. If we are spending tax money on sport, do we spend it widely on mass participation to improve the health and wellbeing of a wider population, or do we take the East German approach and focus on high achieving athletes in niche sports, and potential future high achievers for reasons of national pride and spurious trickle down arguments? http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/rio-2016-team-gb-olympic-medals-55m-each-can-we-justify-brits-slump-sofa-a7198906.html

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    5 medals £28 million spent.. was the winter Olympics worth the money for great Britain?

    • My 50p share has been well spent in keeping me entertained.

    • What is the ‘worth’ of success in international sport of any sort?

      • Tends to make people feel better when a member of the tribe does well against the other tribes, aka foreigners.

    • Isn’t it lottery funded? Therefore thanks to all the gullible fools that paid for lottery tickets, I really enjoyed the games and didn’t pay a penny.

      Joking aside, we only complain that we’re rubbish at everything if we don’t win anything and that we should invest more. We’re not going to compete with serious nations on pluck and great British spirit.

      I enjoyed the events where we weren’t really represented as well – I think the lack of representation in many events means you can enjoy the sport in its own right and not get hung up on unrealistic jingoistic expectation.

    • It seems much cheaper than many other sports e.g. premiership football (and more interesting), the people are not paid masses and inspire whole generations on occasions. If 12.5 million people watched it thats only £2 each. For me the summer olympics are more inspiring than winter, but I think definitely worth it.

    • That money goes into supporting winter sports at different levels. I imagine tens of thousands of people will have benefited from this funding to some extent.

      • In what way? Funding for summer Olympics is very much ring fenced for competitors and then only for those with a realistic chance of being competitive. Unless new facilities have been built which are open to all that £28 million has no legacy.

    • Not really. Basketball is played by more people in inner city’s, the money would be better spent there than on middle class sports for the esoteric few..

      • The ‘whataboutbasketball’ argument in the context of winter Olympic funding has been quite funny.

        • Really?

          I think it’s a fundamental question. If we are spending tax money on sport, do we spend it widely on mass participation to improve the health and wellbeing of a wider population, or do we take the East German approach and focus on high achieving athletes in niche sports, and potential future high achievers for reasons of national pride and spurious trickle down arguments? http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/rio-2016-team-gb-olympic-medals-55m-each-can-we-justify-brits-slump-sofa-a7198906.html

        • Not really. That money could be used in inner city areas to promote a grass roots sport which has far more participation than bob sleigh or whizzing down an icey slope on a tea tray.

          It cuts right to the heart of the issue about promoting sport.

        • I don’t think there are any winter sports to roll out to the inner-city masses – maybe ice hockey?

          Otherwise seems a shame to abandon a major international get-together for the sake of £28m – compared to about £20bn we spent hosting the summer olympics.

          Skeleton was good tv

      • If it was spent on Basketball, it would go to the national team and its hangers-on (coaches, managers, physios etc.) rather than grass roots. However those at the top are already exceptionally well paid, as they are performing in the USA and getting megabucks. Do we really want to hand more money to people who are already (or approaching) millionaire status.

        • However I have absolutely no time for spending money on maintaining a small number of middle-class winter sports enthusiasts in the manner in which they’d like to become accustomed.

          And I certainly do not understand why someone born in the USA, who lives in the USA, and only has 1 parent who came from GB but now lives in the USA being funded by any money from GB. (And I don’t care if she got a medal – she’s a yank, not British.

          • I worked with a Winter Olympic sportsman. He spent the winter six months a year living out of the back of a 15 year old van going from event to event. I think his funding covered travel costs, but that was about all.

            • 28+ million pounds – Some cream off a hell of a lot of money. Some people get a good living from what is dished out, but that doesn’t mean everybody does, or even those that deserve/need it do.

              Maybe someone needs to look at who actually gets what. I do know that the number of (questionably needed) people at head office for athletics has multiplied dramatically – I have no reason to believe that it isn’t any different in every sport that gets funding.

              The greedy follow the money.

        • @oldgal I think you just about get my point. There are alot of grass roots sports played in the inner city areas of the UK which could seriously be better funded and are played by lots of kids in those areas.Basketball is easily the best example. Lots of kids play it.

          Basket ball s funding in the UK for the Olympics is zero. Basically because the Olympic team does not do well so funding was dropped.

          It is a real shame.

    • If funding is there to ‘buy’ medals, the Norwegians are 16 times better at it than us …

    • As rule the uk doesn’t have the climate so it has to spend money on it’s winter athletes. The Norwegian budget is half the uks for example. But then generally you can train on your own doorstep there.

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    I think Aguero will get a ban, the game has changed, a decade ago a bit of fan/player contact was nothing but it is more serious now. Remember schmeichel rugby tacking turkish fan and dragging him off the pitch.

    But he also pushed/punched him and then kicked out so I think a 1-3 game ban. His reaction was understandable but doubt the FA will see that. Rooney got a 3 game ban for swearing after scoring a crucial goal. He’ll struggle to make the case he had to push/punch him and kick him for his own defence.

    Great game by Wigan though, that was a huge shock result, great goal. What was Walker doing, that was just criminal.

    The red was a deffo red. Again in the modern game you walk for them, studs up, foot off the ground. Had the defenders leg been planted it could have been a leg…[Read more]

  • I’ve seen too many women come unstuck because they’re totally dependent on their husbands income and have no notion of their finances and would struggle to be able to earn a decent income themselves. It means they feel trapped in their relationship when it’s going very wrong or are left with nothing should they split up.

    There’s no way that I’d be in a relationship like that. It’s the 21st Century, it irks me that so many women still act like they’re in the 19th century. It should be a partnership in all things financial and otherwise. This doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t take time off to have kids etc. But ffs protect yourself.

    Unfortunately my sisters husband was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and she is in a very precarious financial position because…[Read more]

  • @connie He made a joke in poor taste, seven years ago.

    If this is enough to make someone unemployable, then 80% of the population would be unemployed.

    Anyway, he is currently employed. Do you think a bad taste joke seven years ago is sufficient grounds for dismissal?

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    Could be putting to much pressure on your feet when you walk? Do you suffer from any aches and pains? Shin splints? Maybe taking the pressure off your feet by wearing some insoles inside your shoes could help.

  • Why milk? I’m not having a go at veganism but their main motto is “cow is a root of all climate change” and cynical me thinks everyone is trying to jump on band wagon with researches.
    I am not disputing the fact that milk contains certain level of hormones but as mentioned above, what about other factors? What about soya? Where it come from, how it was grown – outside of EU, there are no restrictions of using chemicals and god knows what else.

    Besides, human race slowly “evolves”, living comfortable life. If to look back from 40-50s up to now, being 165cm tall was model height, while when born in 70-80s it was a short ass already. Nutritional illnesses, physical appearance – its all slowly changing. Majority of young generation is good looking, good body proportion, good teeth,…[Read more]

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    I think his work is done.
    Second in the league but this year that doesn’t mean much.
    The team are stagnating,some players are going backwards and there just isn’t a happy vibe coming out of OT.

    All acceptable .in a way.A few signings in January might make things click.

    But what isn’t acceptable is his behavior when a microphone or camera is put in front of him.
    What comes out of his mouth is generally embarrassing ,and his employers must cringe when they see him at a press conference.

    The Special One is just not terribly special .

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    Great thanks that clears things up!

  • I have been having trouble recently with a painful ankle when riding/exercising. It causes quite a lot of discomfort but only when in heavy use (I.e on a day to day basis without sports it is fine). However when exercising or running it becomes painful and often stays with a niggling pain for the rest of that day.

    I had been bracing it for soccer and for some sports but I dont find it comfortable to run with the brace and after my last run with a local group I was told that I should really see a physio. The only reason I haven’t gone as of yet is because when I am not exercising it is fine, which since the start of this year I hadn’t done much of. However as the weather is getting nicer and I am upping my sports it seems to be causing more problems.

    I’d rather avoid the doctors…[Read more]

  • I wonder if there’s any Weinstein type character in the French film industry.

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