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Jose Mourinho: Manchester United sack manager

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    • He’s gone then…

      As a Man U supporter, thank God for that.

      No doubt non Man U supporters will feel a twinge of sadness.

      I’m looking forward to seeing a team of some of the world’s most talented players performing to their full potential. I don’t much care what they win I just want to see a team who look like they want to win a game rather than a team that looks like it’s just waiting for the other lot to make a mistake.

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      I could make various jokes, being a Liverpool fan, but I’m not going to.

      It’s very tough to see your team being pulled apart, becoming a laughing stock and falling from its perch. I know this from our own experiences. At first you feel that just one or two changes could get you back to where you were, then you think a new regime will get you there etc. etc. In the end you have to go through the emotional change curve before you realize that the good old days are gone and you have to start building again for the future rather than living in the past. Liverpool has been through this, and while there are plenty of fans still living in the past we have acknowledged that we are not what we were and things are now very different.

      Watching your team play poorly time after time when you know deep down they should be capable of doing better is really tough for a fan. It will be interesting to see what happens next as someone who doesn’t support MU. I would imagine that the next 12 months could see a rebuilding or could sink you deeper into the mire.

      • That’s very gracious of you.

        I’m not sure we need better players at the moment. It’s difficult to know though because I don’t think many of them are playing anywhere near their potential. Three damp squibs as managers is worrying, you’ve got to think that by the law of averages the next one is going to be better.

    • Maybe they need Big Sam so they can avoid relegation 😉






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