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    The danger for athletics is that it goes the same way as cycling, with PEDs being condoned up to a certain level. Caster now has to reduce her testosterone to a certain level; does that mean that other female athletes will be allowed to increase their testosterone to that level, in order to ensure they are on the playing field as defined by the IAAF? dont forget most of the peloton in the tdf are supposedly asthmatic, as the only test is that levels of the asthma drugs they take must be below a certain level, and non asthmatics also benefit from the effects of the drug.

    As others hsve said, this is elite world level sport, and anyone in the olympic final of an athletic event is a performance outlier. They are the best 8 in the world in Semanya’s event. Yes, she’s a genetic…[Read more]

  • Not clear what the distance has to do here, if you have the genetic advantage surely you have it over 800m or 1000m? It might be the difference in someone being gold or silver.

    If you’re taller than everyone else should you be restricted in distance too? The perfect athlete still has to train and want it.

  • So if you are identified as heterosexual and are also XY shouldn’t you be competing as a man? Why isn’t the ruling ‘off you go to the men’s race’? Instead of ‘here take these drugs?

    I’ve only read that she is lesbian I haven’t seen statement from her that she considers herself heterosexual so that’s really interesting.

  • Does she? I hadn’t read that she lives as a male? I know she’s lesbian but that isn’t living as a man or a lot of my friends will be shocked to learn about their change in lifestyle unbeknownst to them lol

  • Interestingly different reports say different things on the ‘genetically male’ issue.

    The CAS media statement for the ruling on her suggests that the IAAF regulations apply to “XY DSDs”, people born with variations of sex characteristics including 46 XY chromosomes. But the 2018 IAAF regulations refer to a small range of variations including (46 XX) congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

    But if we need more categories where does it stop? Do we exclude the links of Michael Phelps because of his genetic advantages? Why wasn’t he forced to take drugs?

  • Should we then separate athletics into categories? It’s interesting that we don’t. But I can’t help but feel if she was a swimmer or cyclist this ruling would be the same?

    How many categories do we need to have?

  • Caster Semenya, world champion in the eight hundred metres, now has a ruling against her ability to naturally produce more than ‘normal’ testosterone for a woman and so to continue to compete she will have to suppress her testosterone with drugs.

    Some of the drug options she now has if she wants to keep competing have potential side effects include bone wastage, infertility, and excessive urinatination. Some of the drugs have never even been tested on women.

    So what is a genetic advantage in sport?
    If you are very tall should you be penalized? If you have bigger feet or produce less lactic acid then others should you be handicapped in a race? Where is the line for genetic advantage in sport?

    The sporting world celebrated and praised Michael Phelps’s genetic differences. Why p…[Read more]

  • That’s very gracious of you.

    I’m not sure we need better players at the moment. It’s difficult to know though because I don’t think many of them are playing anywhere near their potential. Three damp squibs as managers is worrying, you’ve got to think that by the law of averages the next one is going to be better.

  • He’s gone then…


    As a Man U supporter, thank God for that.

    No doubt non Man U supporters will feel a twinge of sadness.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a team of some of the world’s most talented players performing to their full potential. I don’t much care what they win I just want to see a team who look like they want to win a game rather than a team that looks like it’s just waiting for the other lot to make a mistake.

  • My mum used to get dreadful headaches and went onto proprananol as nothing else worked for her. Propananol is a beta blocker and reduce stress hormones and reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

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    Wenger should have done the sensible thing in a May .and retired.

    and the owners were much too soft when agreeing to let him carry on.

    Arsene either doesn’t have a retirement vineyard to potter around on ,or he stubbornly believes he can produce another team capable of challenging.

    His players don’t do nearly enough. Welbeck was terrible the other night and little Jack Wilshere is not the future.

  • My hubby tells me he loves my independance and that is what attracted him to me. We work as partners an equals. Financially I have been the wage earner for most of our 25 years of marriage. It all goes in to a pot for us all to enjoy. i organise the holidays else we wouldn’t go away – he loves going away but has no interest in planning them. We are a bit different but it works for us. I go out to work 3 dys a week and am self employed the rest of the time. My hbby now works for me in the business and does the childcare.
    My dad commented the other day we are uncoventional, but as long as we are happy that is all that matters.

  • Ha, I just had the most horrendous experience with a man 15 years my senior. Supposedly liked how much of a “career girl” I was, that I was financially independent, earning more than him, blah blah blah. Said man became slowly more controlling and the minute I pushed back he couldn’t cope.

    I think some men like the idea of an independent woman but can’t actually cope with the reality.

  • He wasn’t employed by them when he made the remarks so prima-facie they aren’t covered by his employment contract. They could have chosen not to hire him based on his previous behaviour but that ship has sailed. If they want rid of him they’ll probably have to pay him off.

  • So who actually spends their time going through people’s tweets etc. from years back, in the hope they can find something to put in the media and stir up trouble at an appropriate moment. Probably been holding it back for ages waiting to do the most damage.

    Now those people are seriously sad effers.

  • Also do not underestimate the sock factor. I ran today in normal socks cos I couldn’t find proper ones and I knew it would end badly. It did

    I highly recommend the gentlegrip brand of socks that you can buy from shoewawa – quite pricey but they are really good – no rubbing and no blisters

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    I agree I don’t like him. He seems a poor man manager. He moans. He doesn’t get results. He doesn’t make the best of the talent that’s at his disposal.

    Sean Dyche is the exact opposite to the above, and more likely to replicate Fergie.

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    @soccerballz There’s no generalising that everyone born in the 60s and 70s is better at reading body language and making eye contact, compared with any of the younger generation?

    How is that not generalisation?

    I work with quite a few very awkward 50+ year olds, that aren’t anywhere near as comfortable with social situations, as me or many people my age.

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    Glad you got a diagnosis and hope the treatment works for you, your doctor is right that it is a chronic condition. Mine have been ok for a few years but have been very painful for the last week and I don’t know what has aggravated them.

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    @amy I don’t know I dislike waiting for anything I just went straight to a private chiropodist that does lots of sport type work. They cost just under £100 and were worth every penny .

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