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    Semenya wins at the same range as other women do which is 10 % less than males in the same events. This shows us that the supposedly massive advantage she is said to have doesn’t transfer on to the times she runs at and that is the only place it matters as far as this ruling goes.

    This makes a mockery of the ruling which is a political decision and nothing to do with the times ran by Semenya and her supposedly huge advantage which doesn’t materialise on the track.

  • Sport is segregated by sex for a reason.

    Obviously sport is not a level playing field regards many many other genetic factors and top sports people are always going to be genetic freaks who also work hard essentially. But that sex advantage males have is such a huge step difference. There isn’t a gradual gradation in testosterone levels and physique. There are two very distinct populations with a vanishingly small number of exceptions. Even a woman with the most testosterone a woman has ever produced would not be near the male amount of testosterone.

  • I could make various jokes, being a Liverpool fan, but I’m not going to.

    It’s very tough to see your team being pulled apart, becoming a laughing stock and falling from its perch. I know this from our own experiences. At first you feel that just one or two changes could get you back to where you were, then you think a new regime will get you there etc. etc. In the end you have to go through the emotional change curve before you realize that the good old days are gone and you have to start building again for the future rather than living in the past. Liverpool has been through this, and while there are plenty of fans still living in the past we have acknowledged that we are not what we were and things are now very different.

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  • I suffered from terrible migraines from the age of 11-made me sick aswell. We landed upon Syndol which was the only thing that worked for me. It had a drug in it that is used in some sleeping tablets- sort of like a muscle relaxant. But my headaches/migraines were very frequent and I was taking syndol several times a week. Then about 8 or 9 years ago it got discontinued I think due to a licensing problem with the muscle relaxant ingredient. I remember being in an absolute panic because I had visions of my life being blighted by constant migraines again. I had a couple of packs stock piled and became very strict with myself about taking them, reserving them for simply dreadful vomiting migraines and just trying co-codamol for the rest (nothing else even touched them)

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    5 Live were are asking the other day;

    1. winner 2. surprise package 3. golden boot’

    So, 1. Germany (coz they always do) 2. Uruguay (good team plus Suarez), 3. Suarez (he will get a netfull against Saudi Arabia) and they Uruguay will progress (otherwise Mo Salah))

    Think England could fluke to the semi’s…..and Vardy will be the surprise hero when we start lobbing it long and they cant handle his speed coz not used to this style. Most pundits (Linekar, Waddle specifically) used to go and on about ‘England wont win until we start playing 5 in the mid field etc etc etc. But we havent got the quality of player for this continental style (only Scholes ever good enough) so we should play to our strengths – route 1 after 70 minutes !!

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    I live with it every day and have nerve damage and back damage. I take I ibuprofen and went my thigh goes numb I have to touch my toes to relieve the pressure. In your shoes I would go to your GP if they are a good one then to a Osteo or hospital

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    Tends to make people feel better when a member of the tribe does well against the other tribes, aka foreigners.

  • I am in no way condoning the grossly inappropriate behavior of some of the attendees which was completely unacceptable, but what the hell were the girls who went as “hostesses” doing by agreeing to go to an all male dinner under instructions to dress in skimpy black dresses in matching black underwear? What on earth were they expecting? A Bible reading gathering?

    I’m glad to see that the “Club” is to be discontinued.

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    @sophie Definitely don’t want chafing! Tkmaxx might be best bet then.

    @nicola Like the cats eyes but my behind is rather large and not one to draw attention too :
    I have these, but not brave enough to wear them running yet! Had them for Physio lol


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    Looking for a pair of long running leggings, preferably with nice big band at top to keep my little belly and cupcake holders (much nicer than muffin top 😀 ) in.

    Any advice on what ones to get?

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    I’ve had crutches from three separate hospitals (two different trusts) now and each time I’ve given them back when I finished with them. I think I even gave back my post-surgical aircast, though I vaguely remember them offering to let me keep that. The only thing I didn’t return was the brace I had after dislocating my elbow.