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    Was that ‘expert’ Ross Tucker!? He loves sticking his oar in, and as a frustrated wannabe pro sportsman his favourite hobby is trying to prove that anyone with any success in endurance sport is doping. I’m not a fan.

    Regarding Semenya I take the same position as you – sport is a ‘fictional framework’ in which people compete and that framework has rules into which you must fit etc. Removing the emotive impact of the terminology; if you have a ‘restricted’ category – ‘female’ – there needs to be rules as to who can enter the restricted category. Self identification is not satisfactory due to the possibility of gaming the system. Semenya doesn’t fit the rules for the restricted category of ‘female’.

    • I didn’t catch his name – he sounded south African. Given that he was “defending” Caster I doubt he was Ross Tucker from your description of his bugbear.

      what he was saying (if I understood it right) is that testosterone in your body does not have the same effect in all individuals.

      So in person X, 20 nanomoles (or whatever it was) of testosterone may equate to superior muscle mass building ability, and / or aerobic endurance

      In person Y however, exactly the same amount may have no such positive effect on athletic ability

      not entirely sure how that helps his argument to be honest, or where to go from there, but there does need to be some way of defining what are the relevant defining features of either sex.

  • The reason sport is separated generally by sex once athletes hit puberty is because hormones come into play. Testosterone is the advantage that males have over females in terms of growth of muscle and power. If her hormonal makeup is as a male (remembering that it is the hormones that causes this difference in ability) then how is it fair to compete against others lacking this advantage.

    The lactic acid advantage with Phelps is a good point but it’s a natural advantage, just the same as tall people are naturally faster swimmer as they have more pull and shorter people are naturally better gymnasts as they have a lower point of balance and their bodies are easier to flip. Unfortunately having a natural lactic acid advantage is just the same benefit as naturally being suited to a…[Read more]

  • We do already have categories for para sports and for physical sports like wrestling boxing etc not out of the realms of possibility to have more.

    I believe these distances were chosen specifically as there was large amounts of data that showed that testosterone conferred a massive sporting advantage, the other distances haven’t been fully analysed yet.

  • The issue is because most athletics isn’t separated on height or weight, boxing is for example. But it is separated by sex and testosterone which is were the difference comes in. Also this ruling only applies to DSD athletes which genetically test as XY which Castor does which does make her genetically Male which is why this ruling is in place.

  • Maybe they need Big Sam so they can avoid relegation 😉

  • Syndol used to work wonders for me. I remember the panic when it was taken off the market – I had friends in similar situations who were importing them from goodness knows where at ridiculously high prices.

    I probably should not admit that I bought the Syndol muscle relaxant component separately and found that it worked well with paracetamol. I am sure my GP would not have approved but I did not tell her, and it did work for me – but as with Syndol, it meant I could not drive having taken them so it was not a long-term solution.

    I then went onto sumatriptan. Marvelous when it works.

  • I have recently switched from Sumatriptan to Zomig – Sumatriptan just wasn’t always shifting migraine, even the nasal spray.

    I am prone to cluster headaches that last 3 – 4 days too and paracetamol only lessens them, it doesn’t get rid. Cocodomol does a better job but wipes me out.

    I am not sure if Paracetamol has become less effective for me, or the headaches have just got worse.

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    Ive never known the quarterfinals minus Germany, Italy, Argentina, Holland, Spain or Portugal. Surely England should win the world cup this year?

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    I’m not sure, right now there’s a good chance that a 1-0 win in there last game will get them second place.

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    I imagine neither side would really want to win, but is it against the rules to deliberately try to lose by scoring loads of own goals? Or would they have to pretend to not be trying to lose?

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    Yes, I thought there was some great running last night, not sure about being composed, but also a lack of precision passing or shooting.

    The penalty decisions were bizarre. After the Brazil game and this one, the refs might start getting tougher on tussles in the box.

  • Does anyone else feel rather aggrieved that someone must have gone back through all his tweets and dug up something that could be construed as sexist? Presumably the person doing the digging worked on a newspaper?

    The same as the way Sam Allerdice got stitched up by a couple of hacks whose sole intention that night was to get him to say something dodgy they could put in their newspaper.

    I have nothing but contempt for this sort of malicious gossip.

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    @soccergal your right, looking on pubmed at all the most recent studies it does seem more research needed.

    Interestingly (or worryingly) there are loads of studies looking at dairy and T2D.

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    I had plantar fasciitis and had steroid injections.
    Bloody painful but it’s worked and I no longer suffer.

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    I had coccydinia as a teenager after a fall off a horse but thankfully no fracture. I had physio, steroid injections but nothing worked. I then had manipulation of the coccyx done, which frees off all the spasmed muscles, which is what causes the pain. Thankfully the manipulation is done under GA! This was in the late 80’s so I don’t know if this is a treatment that is still offered but it worked wonders.

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    Definitely get one’s with a drawstring – all mine slither down otherwise! Honestly, I don’t want to sound like a pain, but you do really need to try them on as some will make you look hideous, even if you’re a skinny minny , while others will be quite nice! (Top tip: check out what you look like from behind too and run up and down on the spot in the changing rooms to check for chafing :d ) I have some budget ones from TKMaxx that are nice, I have some expensive ones from Odlo that have lasted for six years so far so turned out really good value for money and I have compression ones from Salomon that were painfully expensive, but I think they do help with recovery. I don’t have any Nuovahealth leggings, but really like a lot of their other running stuff (love their skort – my fav…[Read more]

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    I was given 2 crutches after badly tearing an ankle ligament, and had one of them taken off me by the hospital when I went back to have how I was doing checked up on, and later on the other one requested back as my ankle improved further.

    Possibly it’s when a hospital can’t ‘track’ the crutches it handles that it can cost them money in paperwork?
    I guess if somebody give in a crutch from another hospital, and they lent it to a patient and it broke and they hurt themselves, questions could be asked?

  • I agree us women are so much better at driving than men give us credit for (Not man hating just blame the media for this). But having said that everything is easier in a van. My current one has 150k on the clock all done by me.
    During that length of time you get to know exactly how long, wide and the turning circle. Also vans have mirrors that actually work rather than be a design consideration and sitting higher gives a commanding field of view.