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    Whilst playing football last night I kicked the ground by accident pretty hard. At the time it was really painful but quickly wore off.. woke up this morning with really bad ball of foot pain. I can just about bare weight on my foot but it is making walking pretty hard and im walking like a penguin at the moment.

    I don’t think iv broke or fractured anything.. but im not sure what iv done.

    I’m always seeming to damage my feet in one way or another. When one thing clears up like plantar fasciitis I always end up getting something straight after. At this rate I wont have any feet left LOL.

    Any quick fixes for this kind of thing? ANY tips for looking after my feet better? I have around £30 to spare for treating my foot pain, I regularly go running, walking and play football. What should I spend my money on? Insoles, metatarsal pads, new shoes some sort of stretching device for my feet to strengthen them up or will these just be placebos and don’t actually have any real effect?

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    You probably don’t want to hear this but the only way to be sure is to go to A&E.

    As you have said, you probably haven’t broken anything, but, as you also say, “but I’m not sure what I’ve done”

    If you go to A&E the annoying thing will be that as your condition is not life threatening you could be there for ages, and there is a chance all they will say is just rest it and take pain killers, but at least you will have peace of mind.

    All the best.

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    IF it happened to me I would see the GP if it was still bad/very bad after a couple more days

    I hope it gets better by itself really soon, good luck

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    Thanks for your replies! I think if it doesnt settle down soon I will go see a doctor. At the moment my foots just gone numb and weird :/

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    I used to row. After a really bad training session on the river I took a flying kick at a cough lozenge lying on the floor of the boathouse. It turned out to be the tip of a wooden dowel sunk into the concrete; I broke my big toe. Hope you get better soon!

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