• Sterling was poor, Loftus Cheek looked good for the limited time he was on against a tired team.

    Thought Trippier was the best player on the park – apart from his two goals (which is why he is in the team) thought Kane was invisible, especially in the second half.

    One question – can Vardy and Kane play in the same team? Know that Vardy is good…[Read more]

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    It would be good if one of the finalists wasn’t one of the big five though.


    It would only likely lead to a boring one-sided game.

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    Glad to hear you have been seen and referred. I totally feel your pain. I’m still off work with mine and I have an MRI booked for next week. Hope you get relief soon.

  • IF it happened to me I would see the GP if it was still bad/very bad after a couple more days

    I hope it gets better by itself really soon, good luck

  • bosworth replied to the topic Any sciatica experts? in the forum Health 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I’m at week 5 of my latest bout of it. Niggly back pain became worse followed by tingly toes and nerve pain in calf and thigh. Went to bed, didn’t sleep due to spasms and cramps, got up in the morning to find no pain what so ever but a left leg that felt as though it didn’t belong. My foot was numb and I have no power to move it. I’m not going to…[Read more]

  • Honestly if you’re going to do it at all seriously (and you can definitely get the bug for it), then go Concept2. The water rowers are ok to a point, but if you are interested in technique and building your strength you will soon find that you end up with water all over the floor and the feel you get from them is different too. There are some…[Read more]

  • Try renting, or you can often find auctions selling off gym equipment (there’s one near me that does this frequently).

    Water rowers are horrid things – ok if you aren’t taking it too seriously, but pretty useless if you want to do some proper work.

    I would’t recomment getting one of the cheap ones. If you do buy, go for a Concept2 and get some…[Read more]

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    Why not go the whole way and advocate boycotting visiting, spending money or generally dealing with the offending countries (it isn’t just Qatar)? Abuse, neglect and death of workers happens across the Gulf, yet I haven’t seen many calls for people to stop having sunny beach holidays in Dubai or to stop climbing in Oman.

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    My 50p share has been well spent in keeping me entertained.

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    Guardiola. Classy guy…. If any of the ground staff find his dummy, then it’d only be fair to return it.

  • My ex partner told me I emasculate men, I was too capable and too independent. What he meant was he was a failed man, he was am alcoholic, who couldnt get his act together to even do the basic stuff, so I renovated the house, I sorted electrics, I built up the business and I coped easily without him for 18 months while he had a cushy contract…[Read more]