• Do you find that paracetamol or ibuprofen no longer works for ordinary headaches?

    Nothing gets rid of a headache for me now unless it’s sumatriptan, which gets rid of any headache or migraine within an hour or so thank goodness.

  • I watched a documentary on her recently. I wish she’d known how important her short life was.

  • Shajar sounds pretty cool. Two more I’ve thought to add are Rachel Carson, whose book Silent Spring was so influential in the modern conservation and environmental movement, and Eleanor Roosevelt who was influential in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Name the women you think have changed the world!

  • I think that it’s incredibly sad that these few morons are spoiling things for the majority but I also believe that these aren’t incidents isolated to football. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens every weekend across British towns and it is being highlighted more because of the World Cup which just gives these clueless yobs an excuse.

    They sicken me because this should be something for the nation to enjoy. Many of the young men on the England Team have worked extremely hard to perfect their talent. They are not kids that have had everything handed to them on a plate and I think it’s great for some children to see them and think that they could be the next big thing. Anyone can be a footballer, no matter what your race, religion or background and surely in a world where…[Read more]

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    Exactly! This was always about prolonging England’s stay in Russia, and Southgate has done just that with this result.

    Now England will get knocked out next Tuesday instead of Monday. Mission accomplished.

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    Two things have struck me so far. The first is probably not surprising. The foreign pundits like Fabregas and Zabaleta can speak in a more grammatically correct manner than most of the native English speaking ones. Secondly, I am amazed at the numbers of fans from supposedly poor countries who are able to afford a trip to Russia. I know that Colombia has a flourishing export sector but still………

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    Sterling was poor, Loftus Cheek looked good for the limited time he was on against a tired team.

    Thought Trippier was the best player on the park – apart from his two goals (which is why he is in the team) thought Kane was invisible, especially in the second half.

    One question – can Vardy and Kane play in the same team? Know that Vardy is good in counter attack, which wasn’t required against Tunisia, just wondering if teh two can play together?

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    It would be good if one of the finalists wasn’t one of the big five though.


    It would only likely lead to a boring one-sided game.

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    Glad to hear you have been seen and referred. I totally feel your pain. I’m still off work with mine and I have an MRI booked for next week. Hope you get relief soon.

  • IF it happened to me I would see the GP if it was still bad/very bad after a couple more days

    I hope it gets better by itself really soon, good luck

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    I’m at week 5 of my latest bout of it. Niggly back pain became worse followed by tingly toes and nerve pain in calf and thigh. Went to bed, didn’t sleep due to spasms and cramps, got up in the morning to find no pain what so ever but a left leg that felt as though it didn’t belong. My foot was numb and I have no power to move it. I’m not going to lie, I laid in bed and lifted my left arm up in the air several times… I thought I’d had a stroke!

    Doctors gave me naproxen and diazepam and referred me to physio. I’ve been seeing my chiro in the mean time. Which is helping. On advice of my chiro (who does suffer with her own back problems) I switched pain relief from naproxen to co codamol, which I find does help me better.

    I’ve been doing gentle stretching exercises and trying to…[Read more]

  • Honestly if you’re going to do it at all seriously (and you can definitely get the bug for it), then go Concept2. The water rowers are ok to a point, but if you are interested in technique and building your strength you will soon find that you end up with water all over the floor and the feel you get from them is different too. There are some really good sites out there with training programmes, and if you look on actual rowing sites they will give you far better tips on technique than you would probably get here. Decent Rowing on FB is worth a look.

  • Try renting, or you can often find auctions selling off gym equipment (there’s one near me that does this frequently).

    Water rowers are horrid things – ok if you aren’t taking it too seriously, but pretty useless if you want to do some proper work.

    I would’t recomment getting one of the cheap ones. If you do buy, go for a Concept2 and get some decent training programmes 🙂

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    Why not go the whole way and advocate boycotting visiting, spending money or generally dealing with the offending countries (it isn’t just Qatar)? Abuse, neglect and death of workers happens across the Gulf, yet I haven’t seen many calls for people to stop having sunny beach holidays in Dubai or to stop climbing in Oman.

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    My 50p share has been well spent in keeping me entertained.

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    Guardiola. Classy guy…. If any of the ground staff find his dummy, then it’d only be fair to return it.

  • My ex partner told me I emasculate men, I was too capable and too independent. What he meant was he was a failed man, he was am alcoholic, who couldnt get his act together to even do the basic stuff, so I renovated the house, I sorted electrics, I built up the business and I coped easily without him for 18 months while he had a cushy contract abroad, and an affair. I was the one who was told I was too independent. It stuck with me, that feeling that I was somehow at fault, but finally i can now say its him who has the problem. Not me, hes an excuse of a man, and any man who cannot cope with an independent woman is actually a very insecure in themselves. he was clearly a narcissist, and a misogynist.