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    I’m not a fan, the skill level and pace is far below the male game. I’ll try to watch bits but it’s just not a great standard. It’ll grow slowly but I’m not sure it will ever rival the male game, it will always be slower.

    I like the pace of the male game, and I like the drama. Others don’t like the diving, arguing, I do. Each to their own. I love a good derby with all the incidents and passion of the men’s game. So far very few are as invested in their clubs. We see fans running on punching Grealhish, who gets up and scores the winner later on. I don’t know any club fans who also follow the women’s team of that club with any real passion. Maybe it will change but we’ve had a lot of variations with limited success.

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    She is not “female” by the definition of the the term so if “she” wishes to compete she’ll have to go in the open category with everyone else (the men).

    Ideally you’d not want to separate out any group of people but the fact is humans are in 99.999% of cases divided into two genetic sex’s. And it’s a known fact one of those sexes is at a significant physical disadvantage to the other.

    So we have a choice, you can watch the fastest people on earth race and never see a woman in top level sport again, or you can make a catagory for women to enable the 50% of the population to compete with each other against others with the same genetic disadvantage (XX chromosomes) to see who is the fastest XX human.

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    I wouldn’t play Vardy with Kane and Lingard, Rashford and Sterling are more fluid and dynamic. They can play outside or as a number 10.

    I agree Kane doesn’t offer much but goals. He can be an outlet and play the target man but he scores. That wasn’t an easy second goal.

    England deserved to win. They ran, they created chances. It’s the first team in a one time which has an identity, a style of play not just big names, square pegs in round holes.

    I’m a big fan of 3-5-2 at international level, it’s a gamble as we don’t play as a back 3 much domestically but it lets us dominate the midfield.

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    Spain-Portugal more than made up for the boring games so far in the world cup!

    I fell asleep at the Iran – Morocco game, only for the goal to wake me up again, and then had to work through most of the good game, only running to the TV when the commentator started shouting…

    Interestingly, Iranians probably enjoyed beating Morocco, 12 years after beating the US, with Morocco being one of the few countries that cut diplomatic ties and imposed economic sanctions at the behest of the Saudis (who I would like to see stuffed two more times) and the US.

  • I used to row. After a really bad training session on the river I took a flying kick at a cough lozenge lying on the floor of the boathouse. It turned out to be the tip of a wooden dowel sunk into the concrete; I broke my big toe. Hope you get better soon!

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    I get sciatica badly from a large prolapse. I am on gabapentin/nuerontin but although it works during the day -overnight by morning its awful. Gabapentin is a nerve pain medication and very effective. Last 2 nights tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees and it was amazing when i woke this morning. Hardly felt a thing. Also when we moved to new house 2 yrs ago we bought a bed mattress from bensons on the recommendatiin of a friend as the one we had was too soft and that made a huge diffetence to sciatic pain as did hers. There are exercises u can do. Uf its worse say on left side sit on edge of bed/chair and rest left ankle on upper surface of right leg between right knee and thigh and then gently touch left knee and push towards floor. This will strengthen and stretch…[Read more]