wpsl - March 14, 2014

WPSL 17 new teams to compete this season

WPSL formed in 1998 its is one of the longest running and is one of the biggest soccer leagues set up for womens in america and is always expanding and growing this year 17 teams are to compete in the WPSL (Womens premier soccer league, yes I know all the different letters and all the different leagues can get very confusing) 2014 season which is getting set to kick start this summer.

It got to be said that 17 new teams is big very big!

So who has joined the WPSL?

Boston Breakers, Some may find it a shame that Boston Breakers are only sending out there reserve team… Even though the Boston breakers may only be sending out a reserve team to play in the womens premier soccer league as the main team focuses on the upcoming NWSL season but I guess it is a start.
But Boston Breakers presence in the WPSL will no doubt be felt and helps to develop and create more for the team and its future.. basically the Boston breakers wont be putting all their eggs in one basket as we know in womens soccer we see many leagues go under like the WPS. .
Liverpool Dallas.. part of the Liverpool FC america Brand. Liverpool FC America formed in 2006, set up as a partner to Liverpool fc all the way in England can this brand take on the wpsl next season?
Bay Area FC created when four youth soccer teams merged this is a exciting step for the Bay area womens soccer scene. This bay areas brand will be seen competing in both mens and womens premier soccer leagues.
Rhode Island Reds FC, this side will be coached this season by Alex Rozkov who knows and has worked as a assistant manger fro two whole years with the side. With a strong coach and a even stronger team and spirit the reds are definitely a team to watch.
Treasure Coast Dynamite, not much info on this team.. a dark horse maybe?
Motor City FC Detriot, has some of the best mens soccer teams so it is about time that Detroit has a good womens soccer team right?
Primero de Mayo.. COULD BE A GOOD TEAM!
Minnesota TwinStars, you might have seen their sister team play in the NPSL. reckoned to be a very strong contender from Minnesota
Legends FC, you can find this team in southern California, this team will probabaly consits of mostly college players, but good non the less.
Florida Rush, lets hope their soccer skills are as cool as their name.
Florida Kraze Krush, another florida team… whos the united and whos the city between Florida rush and Kraze Krush then?
FC Indiana, this team didn’t play in the league last season but they are champions as they have already took the wpsl national championship titles in 2005 and 2007.. although this was a few years ago now be sure to watch out for FC Indiana as I am sure they will be wanting to prove themselves again.
FC Pride, will be joining WPSL this summer and as the new team on the block they will surely want to make a impact. Based in Indianapolis are said to be really proud of getting in the WPSL and they hope being in the WPSL will help motivate and encourage growth of womens soccer in their youth teams.
Del Rey City, has already a strong presence in Los anagelas playing in many smaller leagues now tis their time to hit the big time!
Columbus Eagles, It was inevitable that a Columbus would find its way into the wpsl with so much womens soccer going on their hopefully this side wont disappoint Columbus.
Cincinnati Lady Saints, this team has been succesffull before in the WLS… can they go one further in the WPSL or not?
Chattanooga FC have done well in the NPSL south conference and are constanly devloping. Finley stadium is where they have made their home.

Who are you supporting in the WPSL this season.. or are you a little annoyed that your city or even state doesn’t have a team yet?

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