olympics - August 12, 2016

No medal for France as Canada beats them in the quarter finals!

All bets were on France defeating Canada in this quarter final however it just wasn’t to be in this very unpredictable Olympics after Sophie Schmidt scores the only goal of the match securing Canada’s place in the Olympic semi finals! In the last eight meetings with france Canada have only beaten them once!

This means that Canada have now beaten the worlds second, third and fifth best ranked teams in the world! In these Olympics Canada is really proving itself on the world stage as a force to be reckoned but may not have to prove themselves much more now as Canada will not have to worry about facing the worlds No.1 ranked team though after Sweden beats the United States in penalty kicks which was the earliest exist for the U.S team ever in a major international tournament!

Canada will play against Germany in their next match after the Germans 1-0 victory against China. Canada have already beaten Germany in the group stages of the Olympics 2-1! Will Canada be able to pull this off again or have Germany revised their tactics and will come out with vengeance?

After the match the Canadian coach John Herdman added. “We’re on the medal rounds. We’re here, but we’re not done yet.”

Do you think Canada will get medal? If so what colour will it be?!

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