olympics - August 17, 2016

Sweden Knocks out Brazil in penalty shoot-out!

Brazil women’s soccer team have lost against Sweden dashing the Brazilian hopes at getting an gold in soccer in their own country. Throughout the match both teams fought hard and played very defensively to make sure they did not concede a single goal. It would take a finger biting penalty shoot-out to decide who would win the semi final match!

This is a second surprise win and victorious penalty shoot-out for the Swedish team after having beaten the “best team in the world” team USA earlier in the quarter finals. However some people are saying that Sweden simply do not deserve to win the gold because of their boring, overly defensive play and how they just dont take any risks at all or how Hope Solo put it “they are just a bunch of cowards!”


The Brazilian team still has a hope to get something out of these games as the Brazilian team will now play Canada (after Canada lost against Germany in their semi final match) to see who will bag 3rd place in the tournament and more importantly that bronze medal!

In an interview after the match Marta FIFA’s Women’s World Player of the Year said

“This loss won’t take away from all that we have done to get here,”
then adding
“We have the match for the bronze medal now and we will fight until the end to get that medal. We have to pick up the pieces to try to win this medal.”201608161436526134641

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