philadelphia - March 12, 2014

Why we need Philadelphia independence soccer team!


Philadelphia independence used to be one of the best!
Ever since the women’s pro soccer league ended and so the Philadelphia independence had to fold (also because of finical reasons as well) Philadelphia doesn’t have a women’s soccer team anymore and that really is a shame… Is soccer not loved that much so in a city that is the 5th largest in the world with 1,526,006 people living in it (according to the 2010 census but how accurate are those things really?) doesn’t have a professional women’s soccer team… It did have the independence team and they were really good but lack of funding and with the WPS going bye bye its such a real shame… why soccer is such a great sport and why is it that this sport that is the biggest sport ever in the rest of the world just cannot seem to survive no matter how good they are in America. Many of the players who played for Philadelphia independence have went on to play for the us women’s national team and are now part of the Nwsl in other teams….. so it wasn’t as though they team played rubbish and nobody wanted to watch them win more like the fans were far between and advertisement failed this is the main reason. In america advertisers will only support the top American sports.. football whether womens or even mens will simply trail behind because advertisers are only bothered about sports with a huge supporting. I think that soccer came to late to america and now everyone is simply to interested in the the American sports to focus on soccer.. maybe it got to America to late thanks to the resentment towards the British that went on after the war of independence and by the time Americans forgot what the British did it was to late to adopt their sport as they already had alternatives…… Who knows but I still think it really is a shame because soccer is so great and the Philly Independence team was so great.. can soccer survive in america?

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