physio - February 26, 2014

what insoles to buy?

So what are the best insoles to buy? Should you go for a pair of branded ones that everybody is talking about or should you go and buy some top of the range custom insoles that can cost hundreds of dollars? With so much differences in opinions online and with so much snake oil lingering around on the internet it can make things really difficult to know what to buy. The truth is.. is that scholl insoles are really aren’t that good nor are superfeet insoles either both are just expensive “brands” where you only pay extra for the label and nothing else really, in fact you will probably find that the insoles are made from exactly the same materials and just about the same design of so many other insoles paying extra just to be able to show off too people that your wearing “superfeet” or “scholl” inserts in your shoes is just silly really especially when other people wont even be able to see them anyway in your shoes. What really is the point of paying up to 5times more for insoles that dont do anything better than other off the shelf ones? Buying custom insoles is another mistake many make as well.. Custom insoles is based upon the idea that if you get some insoles that fit perfectly to the shape of and size of your feet through custom fitting and design based upon your measurements then these insoles will be a lot better for your feet but the reality is that if you play sports, run or are just simply getting on with your day walking around custom insoles become useless as your gait and feet shape and size all change depending on things like how your foot hits the ground, what you are actually doing which all changes the dimensions of your feet which includes pronation of the feet as well so getting measured and precisely fitting custom insoles therefore is a pointless exercise… wearing insoles, dont be put off by the whole idea of insoles though as they really do carry a lot of benefits wearing them. It getting the right insoles that is important. You should be looking for ones that offer support but also adapt to changing shapes, motions and pressures your feet go under, that why you should try and buy some that are made out of gel which can absorb shock and mold to your feet shape naturally which should create the right amount of arch support in place where it is most needed gel is also good as it can help massage the feet and ease pressure away from areas where it can build up and cause problems. Some people have different types of feet… not everyone has the same type.. you can eithier have fallen arches, high arches are normal arched feet it is fairly common to be either one of those three. You can buy plenty of insoles for pronation which deliver arch support to your feet and takes up much of the strain that your feet have to endure during the day from your own body weight to the stress caused when walking and putting your weight on your toes when taking a stride when walking this can also cause tension and tightens the plantar fascia especially if you suffer from over pronating sometime referred to as having high arches or under pronating feet which is sometimes referred to as having flat feet or rather fallen arches with which can increase risk of damage and inflammation the main cause of plantar fasciitis. Make sure you look out for some insoles that are comfortable and do all of what I mentioned and you should not go wrong and remember not always the expensive insoles are the best ones to get!

I am a soccer player and I am always swearing by and wearing these ones even though they may not be the most expensive branded insoles in the world but they do the job.

If you are still unsure what to grab post a comment below and I try my best to help you out!

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