New York Flash - March 18, 2014

Western New York flash lose their goalkeeper because of anterior cruciate ligament injury

It is so close to the start of the NWSL 2014 Season which is set to kick off on in April but we wont be seeing Adrianna Franch on the field for the next 2014 NWSL season because of what happened in training!

Goalkeeper for the Western New York flash Adrianna Franch wont be playing in the next national women’s soccer league down to tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee, it is a very common injury which if serious enough can wreck a players career thankfully ADRIANNA FRANCH should make a full recovery after surgery. So close to the next season Franch sustained the knee injury whilst in preseason training.

This will be a real blow to the western new york team because Franch who was a runner up for National Women’s Soccer League goalkeeper of the year award and also rookie of the year award last year really added to the teams defense!
Last season thanks to Franch the western new york flash managed to be the best defensive team in the league with only 20 goals being scored against them. so it is no wonder that the western new york team are quite devastated by the early loss of one of their best goalkeepers who showed off their talent for the team last season the Western new york flash side was probably hoping to use her talented goalkeeping a lot this season as well but it wasn’t to be.

Franch is upset about not being able to play but is determined to play next year and is behind the team all the way even if she will be watching from the sidelines.

It really is a shame as this will put a real dent in the team and will this cause the Western New York flash to have a bad season even before the seasons even gets to kick off? Post your comments below about your opinions or even just support for Adrianna Franch.

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