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US lose to Denmark 5-3

This is one of those games that only happens once in a while and for the US women’s team to lose two games right after each other rarely happens at all in fact a back to back lose like this last happened in 2001 thats how rare it is for them to lose matches consecutively like this whats more the us have not lost to Denmark since 2004…

US women’s soccer team back to back losses after losing to Denmark 5-3 losing like this has not happened since 2001…… is this the beginning of the end of USA dominance in women’s soccer?
Luckily the us womens side managed to score 3 goals and put up a fight if the US team did not then questions really would be asked…. was Denmark just a better side or did the US have all the offense they needed but lacked defense?

Well it all looked good for the US team in the first half as they whipped up a 3 goal lead thanks to a goal by Katrine Veje in the 24th minute of the game then at the 35th and 40th minute of the match first from a penalty scored by Nadim and then again from Nadim from a header from a corner.

Maybe the Us thought that they had this game in the bag… but in the second half Denmark upped their game… I would carry on talking about what happened next but its pains me to talk about it!

The us side did carry on with plenty of chances and it could have easily been a win for the us but luck really was not on the US teams side at all…. It was rally great match though to watch….

What do you reckon happened?

The next game the us will playing against North Korea on the 12th march which should be there last game in the Algarve cup fighting for 7th position. This game should be an easy game right?

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