Washington - April 7, 2014

Spirit sign two new players but who are they?

Washington Spirit gain two new players to hopefully boost their chances next season… will they? and who exactly are these two new signings?

Jordan Angeli and Biancsa Sierra

Both new signings aren’t rookies at all but very experienced players.

Washington spirit seem to be a little quit so far in the run up to the start of the nwsl…. with little mention of new signings and or exhibition games (well maybe its just me not following them as closely as the other teams), but Washington spirit have broke the silence with two new signings that will put them back in the limelight and back in the competition. Jordan Angeli and Biancsa Sierra have both been OFFICIALLY signed by the DC team. But like always the exact terms and conditions of both the new contracts have not been shared to the public because of nwsl policy.. BOO!

Angeli who is 27 has loads of experience playing in the women’s pro soccer league in 2010 with the good old Boston Breakers where she notched up just under 1, 600 minutes of play and 17 goals for the team in one season but before that Angeli also playing for the Colorado Rush helping secure the team in the national championships being part of the team four whole years from 2001 to 2005.

Washington spirit tried to get her last year for the team but she was suffering from a knee injury and so could compete but it looks as though this year is going to be different.

Sierra who is 21 has tons of experience and has been a brick in the defense of the Mexican national team since 2009.

Sierra has less experience in US women’s soccer as Angeli bt both players will surely bring something new to the field with different experiences and talent.

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