Sky Blue - March 13, 2014

Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014

Sky Blue preseason roster for 2014 national womens soccer league has been announced and the team is full of new rookie players ready to prove themselves… we have already seen the roster for the Red stars so how about for Sky blue?

In sky Blue’s team you are going to be seeing eight previous players who made it back from the first season of the NWSL and many newcomers as well like Maya Hayes.

The Pre season team looks like this… will this be the team playing in the 2014 who knows…

Strikers in the team are…
Maya Hayes
Renee Washington
Lauren Reilly
Donnakay Henry
Caroline Brown

You need defenders obviosly and there are seven in the blue sky team…

Cami Levin
Kendall Johnson
CoCo Goodson
Lindsi Cutshall
Hayley Haagsma
Morgan Johnson
Maddie Thompson

Midfielders in the team include..
Katy Freels
Ashley Nick
Mallory Schaeffer
Trish DiPaolo
Rachel Breton
Jodi-Ann McGregor
Ashley Clarke
Amanda Dutra

and finally goalkeepers…

Yirlania Arroyo Fonseca
Brittany Cameron

Some of the players are still playing in the Algarve cup and cyprus cup matches and will join the team and start their training at later dates than the rest.

Training for the side has already begun.. it all kicked off on the 10th of march.

There will be a exhibition match in NY st Johns university in queens on the 15th march (so very soon).

How do you think this New jersey team will do this season with these players thats the question!

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