New Jersey - March 24, 2014

SKY BLUE FC cannot score against Penn state!

Sky blue have been facing off against Penn stat uni in a exhibition game that ended in nil-nil draw as neither team could break down the others sides defense and score in Livingston new jersey.

Sky blue and Penn state looked equal as they played in the wet and cold conditions near the end of the game either side had the chance to score but neither could.

Sky Blue will hope to grab a win in their next exhibition match against North Carolina university womens soccer team on march 29th. Do you think that Sky blue are ready for the big players in the NWSL… with the season so close I dont think so, If sky blue are struggling with their exhibition games something needs to happen else it might be safe to say sky blue maybe finishing last in the upcoming season if they continue like they are doing… or maybe they are just not pulling out all the stops at the moment for these exhibition games and they still have something ups their sleeves after all if they push themselves too much before the actual start of the season they may injure their players just like what happened with western new york flash’s goalkeeper Adrianna Franch.

Though maybe I am expecting to much and really their is just a fine line between pro soccer and university soccer players after all a lot of rookies fresh from uni are joining up in the nwsl all the time…..I might be watching too much of the mens champions league football where things are a lot different.

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