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Sky Blue Defender Hayley Haagsma out because of ACL knee injury!

Not another one! This is the second reporting of a player suffering from a ACL knee injury (it is when you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee this is quite common in soccer and sports and is usually the cause of over stretching of the ligament when it is tight therefore stretching and warm up exercises before matches are really important) that we have had in a bout a week.. whats going on? The NWSL hasn’t even begun yet…. aren’t the coaches warming up the players properly before they go onto the play? This time its Skyblue defender Hayley Haagsma and just like Adrianne Franch who injured herself in the first couple days of training (Adrianne Franch will need knee surgery but it is not known whether Hayley will need knee surgery as well) she will be out for the entire national womens soccer league season.

The knee injury happened when Sky blue faced St johns uni team in exhibition match…

Head coach for the Sky blue team has came out and said that it really is a shame especially when Hayley put so much “work” into training and was looking “very impressive” in training.

Hopefully next year Hayley Haagsma will be back with Sky blue, however it has got to be said that ACL injuries can sometimes be so severe that it can wreck a players whole career, even if Hayley does manage to recover she will need lots of physio and special training to get here back to where she once was but some players are never the same players again. Hopefully thought this wont be the case with Hayley and in 2015 she will be back!

With Adrianne Franch western new york flash managed to quickly find a replacement in Australian national goalie Lydia Williams (read more on this story here: http://womensprosoccer.com/new-york-flash-new-goalkeeper-lydia-williams ), So who will replace Hayley Haagsma for sky blue though? What are your thoughts?

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