Boston - Boston Breakers - May 19, 2014

Red stars vs Boston Breakers 4-1

Luck is not on the Boston Breakers side this season as the Red Stars beat them 4-1 on Sunday. The first goal of the game came in just 20 minutes as DiBernardo played a corner into the box which was tapped away by the Boston Breakers goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher but just three minutes after this close call a Second corner kick which bounced off the heads of the heads of the Red star players right to where Wenino was who managed to pass it into the net.
It was in the 35 minutes of the match that Boston Breakers got back into the swing of things and from a penalty kick from a handball made by Samantha Johnson who was trying to block the ball Lianne Sanderson was trying to cross… This penalty kick made by Heather O’Reilly would see Boston level out the score board.

Both team were looking strong and either team could have snatched the lead again in the last couple minutes of the first half but both teams couldn’t get the ball in the net.

It was evident that the Red stars in the second half of the game were the strongest team and dominated play. 50 minutes into the game Leon passed the ball to Loy who managed to dribble the ball close enough to the goal to make a shot which landed in the bottom right hand corner of the net.
then only 7 minutes later Hoy manages to snatch the ball of Boston Breakers Cat Whitehill passing it over to Dibernardo who slipped it into Chalupny who managed to quickly passes it into the back of the net. This made the score 3-1.

It was now the 85th minute of the game another goal would surely put the last nail int he coffin for the Breakers and that’s what the Red stars did. Bywaters collected the ball off a bad corner kick as Alyssa Mautz cleared it to Bywaters who was then able to run up field with the ball, dribbling past Naeher and placing the ball in the back of the net as most of the Boston Breakers team watched helplessly behind her.
Boston tried there best and went on the offensive putting more players upfront but it wasn’t enough.

The red stars next game will be against Houston Dash on 23rd of May and then they will be taking on New jersey on 28th of May.

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