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Red stars Pre-Season team

21 players have been selected for the NWSL preseason team and in the selection is a lot of new players! Not only that the red stars will also be playing a number of warm up games before the start of the next season its good to see the Red stars taking the NWSL so seriously.

Chicago has told everyone the NWSL Preseason roster as they start training for the start of the new NWSL season. The red stars have a lot of old and even more new faces on the team.

The red stars coach has said that the whole point of training and the preseason games is to get the girls back into the swing of things finding their form and rythm again.

A warm up game for the NWSL for the Red stars will be on 22nd of march against Kansas city at Fenton Missouri followed by playing Fighting Irish at the Notre Dame University on 2nd April then on 6th April the Red stars will then play Depaul and Oakland university in round robin games…hopefully then the Red stars will have found all the form they need and will be ready to get started with the 2014 NWSL season.

The first match the Red stars will play in the 2014 season of the NWSL will be against the Western New York Flash on april 19.

But back to the roster which looks like this:

strikers included are…

Jennifer Hoy
Florence Dadson
Annie Worden
Hayley Brock
Micaela Castain

The midfielders include are…

Niki Read
Julianne Sitch
Zakiya Bywaters
Lori Chalupny
Alyssa Mautz
Vanessa DiBernardo
Kelly McCloskey


Taryn HemmingsMichelle Wenino
Amy LePeilbetJackie Santacaterina
Jessy Battelli
Samantha Johnson
Heather Cooke
Kecia Morway

and only two goalkeepers…

Taylor Vancil
Clara Kridler

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