Kansas - March 24, 2014

Red stars against Kansas city 1-1

You could say when two teams battle it out so close to the start of the season the season has already unofficially begun! At the very least it is a very good indicator of what is to come when the season does kick off, and it looks as though its is a level playing field well it is with Kansas city and red stars anyway! The two teams played a exhibition match with the final score being 1-1.

No goals were scored in the first half and it looked by the looks of things fans thought that neither side would be able to break the other but in the second half things really did get shaken up as 51 minutes into the game who is to score? but only Alyssa Mautz! after receiving the ball from the left side from Adriana Leon she managed to whip it passed the Kansas city goalkeeper putting the Red stars into the lead and making Kansas city and you would have thought that this would have made Kansas city very nervous… but they held it together.

When it looked like it was going the red star’s way in the 83rd minute of the game Kansas city grabbed the equalizer as Melissa Henderson after some confusing trickery and skill from her team mates Maegan Kelly and Jen Buczkowski managed to pass it into the net as they broke down the red stars defense.

It even looked like Kansas city may have even been able to score another as they put immense pressure on the red star defense but time just wasn’t on their side and the game ended 1-1.

Great stuff, lets hope that this sort of play and close matches will continue when the nwsl starts!

But a lot of side we are seeing are not getting the goals in take for example sky blue vs Penn state which was a nil nil draw… but at least Washington Spirit have something to celebrate and be positive about as they get ready to start the next season of the NWSL as they beat North Carolina university in their exhibition match which ended 2-0.

If i was coach I would probably not play exhibition matches with good teams so close to the start of the season (especially if the team is new to the season as well) only bad ones to give the team a boost in confidence so when the team is going into the season they have the attitude of being unbeatable… because it may be a bit deflating otherwise to know your place even before the season starts?

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