philadelphia - April 8, 2014

Philadelphia Independence join nwsl?

Been looking at the new roster for the nwsl and I just cannot help thinking that Philadelphia Independence should make a come back and start competing in the nwsl especially when you see this years roster so many of those teams dont look that much better than how Philly Independence was when they were competing in the wps.. albeit with different players. I think we should all rally together to try and bring back philly independence to the nwsl… or some sort of pro women’s team for philly.. who is with me? There was was definitely a lot of interest in the philly team when they were around I just dont get why they disappeared of the face of the earth whilst teams like Boston breakers and sky blue after the wps just simply went on to nwsl… It is a real shame as philly could really have took on these teams but I guess some teams just have more funding then others and it all boils down to money at the end of the day.

What do you think do you think Philadelphia Independence should join the nwsl?.. with only 9 teams in the league independence could really shake up the league and make it more interesting.

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