philadelphia - March 11, 2014

Philadelphia a look back

Whats the latest goings on in the women”s soccer scene over in Philadelphia? Well lots of has been going on… In men”s soccer Philadelphia union played the ney York red bulls in a epic game with tons of action which didn”t turn out to well for the Philadelphia side though ending with a final score of 1-2 to the Red bulls where all the goals where scored in the first half of the match. This defeat for the Unions puts them in shakey ground especially loosing a game to the red bulls who are not having a “great” season themselves with a previous loss against the South Florida university team 2-0. It also is not good considering the Unions also played there three new signings all together in this game Maurice Edu and Vincent Nogueira both in center position and Christian Maidana who played just out left maybe the Philadelphia unions just need to adapt as a team and get used to playing with each other and maybe will will then see them play so good football in later games. Over in the women”s football scene there really isn”t much to report with not much action going on.. The Philadelphia university ended its season way back in November in reflection they played really well all season but just couldn”t manage to squeeze it at the end of the season on a high after losing to Caldwell 1-0 they had a few opportunities near the end but could manage to equalize hopefully next season the Philadelphia University women”s soccer team can beat the Caldwell side.

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