physio - April 23, 2014

Non boring exercises

Sometimes you just gotta have fun! Don’t be a bore and do the same old boring exercises! There so many different ways to keep healthy which you can also do with your friends as well for example….

Obviously it goes without saying soccer is the best of all non boring things to keep healthy and fit but what are the others you can try?

I am always getting bored in the gym and quickly loose focus and concentration all the time.

Swimming is probably one of the best and funnest exercises… it is said to be one of the best cardio workouts possible… helping your entire body.. after all you will have to use your whole body to swim otherwise you will sink. Really there so much you can do swimming

Somethings to try…
-Swimming races
-Diving (really fun.. remember the bigger the splash the better)
-How far underwater can you swim?

Only problem is.. you need a swimming pool, but If you aren’t a millionaire I guess there are plenty of sports centers now that have them!

Rock climbing.
It takes a lot of strength to pull your whole body weight up a mountain side! Though It maybe a little dangerous to just go and try and climb and dangle from your local cliff face.. you will need ropes and professionals to help you. There are plenty of indoor climbing facilities you can try out… and can guarantee you if you haven’t tried climbing before you will be really out of breather afterwards because it really is a tough workout!

Look fun dont they.. well Trampolines are pretty good at making your heart get a proper workout too!

Rowing maybe very boring if you are in the gym on one of those rowing machines not going there… rowing gets a lot funner if you are out on proper water battling against really resistance from the waves!

Skateboarding/rollerskating…. im not going to insult your intelligence by telling you what this is. obviously this is fun!

Probably a little bit more boring this one than all the others I mentioned.. Resistance bands!
Keeping fit with resistance bands helps to elevate any niggling pains, stiffness, help you tone up, improve strength and depending on how you workout with the bands they can help cardio as well! The band work not on just in one part of your body but all over, this is really great if you dont have a lot of time on your hands and want to get a quick workout done fast….you can even pop them into a bag because they are small and easy to pack up and carry with you. Resistance bands really are on of my favorite all round body exercises.
I took up using these in my workout because I couldn’t be bothered with a long boring run on the treadmill and I didn’t fancy doing weights either…. Which pretty much rules out most exercises you can do at the gym…
What I like about resistance band exercise is that they help improver posture and your bio mechanics too, lots of physiotherapists will use resistance bands as a way to help get people who have suffered sometimes pretty serious injuries back on their feet again. If you are like me and often loose patience and get bored with the same old exercises then resistance bands might open the door to a whole bunch of new and different ones to try… hopefully you wont get bored well at least as quickly. You can get a set here you can get them in different resistances as well

There you have it a couple fun ways to keep healthy that aint boring.

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