New York Flash - October 11, 2014

New York Flash signs Barcelona captain

New york flash have just grabbed themselves a brand new player all the way from Barcelona and not just any old player but their captain! New york flash has a new player on their side next season and they come all the way from Barcelona maybe the New york flash are hoping for there very own Messi. María Victoria Losada Gómez is set to start playing for the new york team that if goes okay with their p1 visa and transfer certificate but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The flash Manager has spoken out about the new signing of the captain of Barcelona saying he is “really excited”. It is good news for the NWSL as the league start spreading its wings into more international signings. She started her playing career for Bareclona back in 2008 and has been a strong asset to the team ever since… it has not been disclosed how much Maria Victoria cost the new york flash side but I doubt the signing was cheap… after all who would get rid of their star captain for pennies… Barcelona is one of the strongest teams in women”s football winning national championships back to back. María Victoria isnt just or rather was the captain for Barcelona but also is part of one of the best women”s soccer teams ever the Spanish national team…. Looks as though new york flash going to be getting lots of goals in this next season!

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