New York Flash - March 23, 2014

New york flash new goalkeeper Lydia Williams

We all thought it was over for the New york flash before the next NWSL even begun as their brilliant goalkeeper Adrianna Franch sustained a knee injury that would see her out all season and maybe even for good… but we were wrong as team quickly grab a replacement and put New york flash back into the competition!

Western New york flash got a new goalie and a good one as they sign Australia’s national team’s main goalie Lydia Williams. This is great news for the New york flash squad as it means that not all is lost when they recently lost their main goalie Adrianna Franch thanks to a ACL knee injury (which you can read about here……) in the first week on training. With the NWSL season so close the new york flash team have really got lucky here as the doors and opportunities for new signings close in as the season gets closer.

They are expecting Lydia to start play with the team as soon as possible.

Lydia Williams is not stranger to playing in pro leagues in America she once played for the Red stars in the WPS way back in 2009. She is a really good goalkeeper playing across the world, she has been in the Australian national team since 2005 which is quite a long time which proves how much the Australians dont want to let her go.

It is a good signing for the NY Flash lets just hope they dont injure this one!

Could Lydia replace Adrianna Franch permanently? That yet to be seen!

The full contract of the new signing has not been fully disclosed.

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