Uncategorized - March 24, 2014

New site feature! User Blogs!

We are now giving all WPS users a new feature… user blogs. Now you can have your very own soccer blog. We have not deiced to totally scrapped the old article way of posting to wps, you can still use the old format for the time being if you are not wanting your post to show up in your blog and just want to post some soccer news…but we hope everyone will love the new way wps will work. One of the whole points of this new feature or experiment is to make it much easier for other users to see what else you got to say and have posted about before. You will still be able to tag your posts to the right places but you blog posts will not only be promoted to the front page… and the tag pages but also all the blog posts you right will also show up on your own user blog! Adding posts to your blog is quite simple and very similar to how the old method worked so you have nothing really to worry about on that front. So we hope you like this cool new feature and good luck with your new blogs!

Remember that if you post something interesting and become a valued member here at wps you will be promoted to “blogger” role and thus unlock new posting abilities for example your posts will no longer be moderated before posting.
It really is up to you how you want to post…article or blog post? You decide!

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