physio - June 11, 2014

Mini health soccer guide

In this guide I will be telling you exactly how you can get healthy for the next soccer season! Firstly it goes without saying that if you smoke you got to stop and IMMEDIATELY! This also goes for alcohol and drugs too all harmful substances can really impact your health in so many ways. Smoking clogs up your arteries with also sorts of bad chemicals and tar sticking to your organs and causing cell mutations which can cause cancer…. Being fit and with good cardio health is something that makes a good soccer player as you can have all the skills in the world but if you cannot keep up with the other player you aren”t much use in a game so quit smoking as it leaves you out of breathe and really does damage your insides in every way. Eating a healthy balanced diet is what you need. So many people think that you need to have a “special diet” but nothing can be more special and better for you than a balanced one this is because you need a balanced amount of all the nutrients not just one or two of them. Take for example calcium, calcium is really good for maintaining strong bones and joints however it is not enough just to drink milk for instances you also need vitamin D which helps your body better absorb the calcium in your diet too. Junk food that contain no nutritional benefit in other words empty calorie foods must be missed this is because these foods only provide quick spikes in energy and do not actually help provide you with any real energy which you will need.. if you eat junk food which generally is just empty calories then you will find that your body will quickly digest the food you may feel full at first but as your body will quickly digest the food and use it up you will quickly feel hungry again. Eat foods rich in fiber to stop your body doing this and to encourage slow digestion which will make you have a lot more energy through out the whole day and not in quick bursts. Don”t try and skip meals as well too loose weight as this is a bad way of getting healthy and just starves your body of nutrients which it needs your body will then eat into its reserves, your body will use your muscles first and then your fat this means if you skip meals then your body will get its energy out of the muscle leaving just fat left. Having a good balanced diet wont just help you be healthy if you are still in your teen years it can help promote growth, eating a poor diet can though cause stunted growth. It is very important to exercise. Cardio exercise is really important… different exercises such as running, swimming and even yoga can keep you flexible.. quick and nimble on your feet which you are going to need in soccer! Keeping up the exercises is really important as often you will do a real big exercise routine and thing “right done that now dont need to do anymore exercise for a couple of weeks..” this is the wrong way to look at it as exercise should be part of your lifestyle, yes it can be boring at times but exercises doesn”t just have to be down at the gym but playing sports as well. Cardio helps improve heart health making your heart and circulatory system more efficient too not only that but you will have more energy as well! that is just naming just a few of the tons of benefits of actually doing exercise. I actually find exercising with resistance bands really helpful as they help to stretch out the muscles with a little bit of resistance helping to not only make your muscles stronger but more flexible as well, plus with resistance bands you can work on the whole body as well from legs to arms which is quite handy. When you get into soccer you should always warm up to make sure you do not strain a muscle otherwise you might be getting stretchered away off the pitch. When I play soccer I always do a session of kick ups for a warm up and I also do a couple stretches for all my muscles from just about head to toe… lastly followed by a light jog. I also after I have played make sure I do a warm down with a light jog and a few stretches just to be on the safe side after a soccer game. Well that”s my simple and quick guide to staying healthy for soccer, thanks for reading I guess.. tell em what you think in the comments below on anything you think I should add.

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