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Kansas city win against Houston dash

Kansas city managed to win some more points after beating Houston dash 2-1 Saturday infront of a houston home crowd at the Compass staidum in Houston.

This game could have gone eithier way.. Houston dash on the offensive as the game stood at 1-1 nearly looked as though they would score again and break the tie but things quickly turned the other way and it was kansas city in the final minute of stoppage time, thanks to Frances Silva who managed to socre a header for the kansas side in the last moments menat that Kasas won!

The first half the game was boring to say the least with not much action and drive from eithier side but in the second half things started to lift!

Jenna Richmond scored in the 66th minute of the match with some really great skill and all by her own.

In the 79 minute of the game Becky edwards kncoked the ball into the back of the net froma corner kick from Stepahinie Oches as she stood next to the post.

On the 94th minute of the game the final goal came as Frances Silva headed the ball in from a great cross made by Erika Tymrak.

Kansas City are currently second in the Nwsl with Houston Dash trailing behind in 7th position.

You can watch this match in full on Youtube HERE IS THE LINK.

-I have not been posting much recently here on womensprosoccer.. sorry guys I have been busy playing soccer and watching the WORLD CUP… the world cup does kind of trump the nwsl any day!

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