physio - March 24, 2014

Insoles! what you need to know!

A lot of soccer players if only they bought some cheap insoles could have avoided injury! Don’t make the same mistake they did!

Being a soccer player we must look after our feet as you only get one pair and they are so.. so important to us as without them how the heck are we going to be able to kick the ball?! Even if your are not a soccer player and dont really do much in the way of sports you still have to look after your feet because if you dont you may find yourself in immense pain and unable to walk as not looking after your feet correctly can cause stress, strains, tears and even small fractures in your feet over time even if you aint a runner or a athlete, this is all because of how our feet are designed, the human body is the product of millions of years of evolution, we all know that humans have evolved from apes (if you disagree with this comment below!) so originally our bodies have been made to not stand up straight and our feet designed to cope under the amount of body weight we currently put them through instead our feet and bodies were made to swing in trees and cope in a totally different world. Over time our bodies have adapted to our new environment and way of living but not fully and this is one of the reasons why we wear shoes because else our feet would simply hurt too much on the ground as they are not designed totally for this. This is not the only reason why you might find your feet aching as you get older your feet also get weaker just like every other part of your body your feet can only take so much and as you get older your ligaments, joints, bones and tissues found in our feet loose their strength and elasticity and thus are a lot easier to break.. A good example is plantar fasciitis (I always forget how to spell this condition and have to look it up too many i’s in my opinion) as the plantar fascia gets older and less able to take the strain it once could with less flexibility it is much more easier to strain and pull it causing inflammation and plantar fasciiits. This is really important too for people with flat feet or high arches as there arches are really a lot less able to cope under pressure and have a much higher risk to developing plantar fasciits.

So as you can see is a really good idea to be protected especially in soccer were your feet are under a lot more excess strain and pressure than usual. So what can you do? Insoles that you can wear are a good idea.. many people forget or dont know how important a good pair are which provide adequate arch support, protection from shocks and a comfortable and adaptive design that spreads pressure stopping build up of pressure which would otherwise cause damage and disturbing it evenly through out your feet instead… getting a pair that can do all of this is the best thing you can do for your feet. Don’t be put off by the expensive prices of some insoles you may search online and find many people are selling “custom” insoles or branded ones but these can be a waste of money and have no real extra benefit over the less expensive ones often refereed to as “off the shelf” insoles, as you can now buy insoles that are made from gel that mold to the exact and constantly changing shape of your foot making custom insoles simply obsolete. So I guess it is safe to say that one of the best materials to buy insoles in is gel but you dont have to stick with gel insoles you can also get foam or even rubber insoles that do the job just fine.

There is a lot of tackling if you haven’t noticed in soccer… 0_0 really? yes! and insoles can help give you a little bit more protection which could be the difference of a season ending injury or worse or just a simple knock like I said above they help to absorb shock but that not the main reason why they could stop serious injuries the main reason is that they support your feet and stabilize your feet in the correct position keeping it there whilst your run so if you are tackled there is less chance of you falling and hurting your feet by falling on it in a awkward position too.

Here are some that I have found work wonders for me these insoles can help ward off plantar fasciitis or if it is too late and you have already got it you can help keep weight and pressure of your feet, give them extra support and help them to recover faster too.

Anyway I hope that this article has helped wipe out any confusion or questions you got about insoles….yes I know it is a really boring subject and I hope that I have explained it easily and maybe a little bit fun?

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