physio - May 11, 2014

How to do more kick ups (keepy uppys)

Kick ups are a great party trick! One way to improve your coordination and footie skills is through practicing kick ups and not only that you can really impress your friends with sometimes more than actually playing good in a game (I think the number of kick ups you can do is more scalable and less subjective than playing in football game). With better control over the ball it should be that the more kick ups you do the more skillful with ball you will be… well that what the plan is anyway. Keeping the ball off the ground for as long as possible is the aim of the game, initially you will be just using your one foot to do this when starting out with them but as you get better you will then use both feet moving onto using your knees then chest, head shoulders and any other body part your can think of as you practice and get more control and better at it.

So How do you actually get better?

Try to make sure when you are doing the kick ups that you strike the ball the slope of your foot just between the bridge of your foot and the toes with just enough power to get the ball up to just above your knees. When you first start out doing kick ups it can be a good idea if you are struggling to let the ball bounce once in between the keepy uppys this will give you more time to react…


Kick ups are all about balance, it is key. Having a good center of gravity is the really important keeping you self stable as possible and not wobbling this will ensure better and more controlled accurate movement when kicking the ball meaning less chance of the ball going somewhere it shouldn”t not only that but it is really a helpful to be in control of your balance so if you have to quickly change position or change the way your kicking the ball to stop it from dropping to the floor you can more easily. It is good to be confident in your balance as well!


Be confident when doing keep uppys as well! Confidence is really important! If you over think or start doubting your abilities chances are the ball will drop to the floor as you loose control. Its all about being natural and not hesitating as kick ups are all about instant quick reactive movements to keep the ball in the air… thinking about it just delays your reactions and causes hesitation that can make you slip up.

Light touches

The harder you kick the ball the faster and the higher it goes in the air this will mean that you will have less control on the ball as well. Keep your touches light, soft and controlled. But not to soft as you want the ball to at least reach your knees to give you time to react and kick it back up again. Try to get rhythm going with your kick ups this will really help as you will think less and it all become much more natural and less hap hazard. Practice does make perfect. Keep practicing and eventually you will gain more confidence and better coordination plus with a faster reaction time there will be no reason why you cannot impress your friends with your soccer skills on and off the pitch! ‘, ‘This is just my quick guide telling you how to get started on doing keepy uppys! Doing loads of keepy uppys is one way of impressing your soccer mates for sure!

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