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Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns 0-1

It may have been a loss for Houston dash but it was a win for their team really!

Houston Dash have lost their first ever nwsl game against Portland thorns…ending 1-0 to Portland thorns, well it was to be expected really as the Dash was going up against the previous nwsl champions? But what wasn’t to be expected was the fight the Houston Dash put up! There really is no doubt that Houston Dash is bringing something fresh and helping to improve the league even more!

After the math the Dash team didn’t just find the nearest exist and hide away instead they joined in with the celebrations and got in amongst the fans.. taking autographs and taking pictures…..

Despite the loss, The dash through out the game dominated it was only when Portland Thorns took an early lead and what proved to be the winner in the 23rd minute when Allie Long headed it over the Dash’s defense into the goal from a corner made by Jessica Mcdonald.
The Houston Dash didn’t give up and plenty of chances came and went their way and they dominated possession of the ball through out the game…. but it simply wasn’t to be…

It was a really good match… and with 8 097 watching the game in the BBVA compass Stadium last Saturday night creating a great atmosphere the turnout says a lot! The way The Dash went to their fans after the game will also help grow their support for their team, the league as a whole and womens soccer too!

If this is what they can deliver their first ever match they are definitely the ones to watch in this league!

So anyway what does this game say about the league and will the national womens soccer league last? After watching this game I think that they will do just fine…As the nwsl get set to start a second season this game has shown us a lot of things and we can safely say the nwsl is going in the right direction..

Houston Dash have joined this year increasing the league from eight to nine teams competing.

Many womens soccer league have started up only to fall under finical difficulty, he wps wasn’t much different to how the nwsl is right now et for some reason the sums didn’t add up and the league had to fold
Though the finical pressures doesn’t come from lack of support for womens soccer as its not like womens pro soccer isnt something not to be proud of, our national womens team can boost many victory’s including bringing in at least something in ever Olympics games and world cup for the U.S since 1991! it is a much loved game with many young female soccer players (about 1. million across the U.S) hoping to go pro, the fan turn out for games is great to as last year the average turn out was 4, 233 for a game alone!

Watching soccer being played both inspires and motivates young girls and gives them and a aim and dream that is different to the superficial “Hollywood” ones!

Does it take more than just finance to survive?…..What do you think the nwsl needs to do to survive?

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