Should Sepp Blater leave? YES!

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    It seems even fifa top sponsors Coca-Cola Co., McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch InBev are now calling for Sepp Blater to step down as Fifas president but still he stays!
    The top sponsors have said that Blater should leave after fresh criminal proceedings against Sepp over corruption. Coca-Cola has said that they want him to leave immediately so that a credible and sustainable reform can take place at fifa without him doing it. Sepp blater has said that he would step down as president next year after he has made his own reform and cleaned up fifa himself.. which is kinda of laughable if he is being investigated for currption.

    I personally think that the sooner Sepp Blater is gone the better the world of football will be for all of us espcially womens football… how can womens football go anywhere when the man in charge believes it would be better if women players wore tighter kits?

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