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Is it the beginning of the end for the NWSL?

Forums General Banter Is it the beginning of the end for the NWSL?

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      Is the National womens league in financial trouble? That is the questions being asked as despite the rising interest in womens soccer corporate sponsorship deals which are crucial for soccer leagues to stay alive arent really picking up for the National womens soccer league. It is thought that the lowest paid women soccer player in the NWSL gets paid 10x less than the lowest paid men soccer player in major league soccer!
      Complaints about the lack of NWSL budget… poor stadiums and poor accommodation for players has put huge doubt on the future of the NWSL!
      Alex Morgan star forward for the Portland Thorns has recently called out NWSL officials on twitter for booking an “unacceptable” with live bed bugs in a hotel in Kansas city where her team are staying as part of their victory tour after the world cup. This isnt thought to be an isolated incident as it is believed that many other National womens soccer player are being booked into cheap and nasty hotels by the NWSL in an attempt to save money?

      Complaints dont just come from players about their hotels.. Fans have also complained about poor Nwsl stadiums and poor tv coverage on matches.

      The national womens soccer league was founded in 2012.. it has had 3 great years of soccer but with these signs could the NWSL be struggling financially? The Womens Pro soccer league ran on for 5 years however very quickly folded due to financial trouble..

      Will the NWSL succumb the same fate as the Womens Pro Soccer League?

      I think that with the momentum of the world cup behind womens soccer the NWSL will be able to get past these fincial blips and on to something great but if the NWSL doesn’t a better soccer league will take its place.






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