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I have no idea whether that is the case or not, although it does sound plausible but I do think that we should be very careful about what we eat and what has happened to the food before it gets to us. I am currently struggling with meat from corn-fed animals, as I am allergic to corn and trying to work out the history of most meat is a nightmare.
I wish that organic farming was much more popular/cost effective, so that it would become more widespread.

You can buy pasture fed animals, Pasture for Life, a fairly recent thing where animals are reared on grass alone. I suggested this to my son, but ours do get a bit of wheat in the fattening yard, because most of them are continental crosses. The Herefords, and native breeds will fatten on grass alone. I think that these are all organically reared too.

As for the milk thing – well I would personally prefer to drink milk from a cow than any of the “manufactured” soya and nut milks. I know it is fairly easy to make almond milk at home, but soya in particular would really worry me. It is very high in some hormones. A report in The Economist several years ago said that tigers in one zoo did not produce cubs, so they reviewed the diet to find that they were consuming some soya products. These were removed from the diet and the tigers started to breed.

There are practices in farming in the USA regarding hormones, etc. that are not allowed in the EU, including the UK. The USA would say that they are perfectly safe but ………

When staying in America I found that even the bread had been sweetened – yuk.