• She can compete in Male races if she wants. She can also lower her testosterone and race in female or she can race a different distance.

  • Yes, and her wife claims they are heterosexual and not a lesbian couple!

  • Excellent excellent question!

  • The issue is complex as outside of sport Castor actually lives her life as Male and identifies as Male, she only identifies as female for competing. If a Male was to test as XX then it doesn’t matter as they have no advantage over men. The whole point of the separation is to allow women to be able to compete, if they’re constantly beaten by men then what’s the point.

    Also the height etc doesn’t actually matter as it is a variation within the set criteria ie Male. If a competitor was fully genetically female and higher testosterone then this also allowed but they wouldn’t as biologically it doesn’t happen.

  • It does get rid of my migraines usually if I take it quickly enough. Although if I wake with one it is harder to get rid of.

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    Nice, Sounds like your son has a good creative concept of justice. My personal idea would be to include in their punishment a few night shifts with an ambulance crew picking up drunks around christmas time to show them really how hard it is for the NHS to sort out people without the extra hassle of having their vehicles smashed up.

    With the quality of the photos it shouldn’t be hard to identify the culprits.

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    Copy cricket and tennis. Each team can request 2 vars per half. Or similar.

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    What about all the attackers being literally wrestled to the ground at set pieces? At least the referees appear to have been instructed to take a more severe view.

    • I agree that should be stamped out too and given the introduction of VAR and a 3rd ref I was hoping that this could be dealt with during the game. I agree that there has been lot of this going on (with the striker sometimes going down a little too easily) but Im talking about the stuff which isnt that easily identified where diving or acting are being used as tools to cheat the ref and ultimately the watching public out of a fair result.

      I would rather England lose fairly than win unfairly.

      • This World Cup has been helped but also hindered by VAR. Now we have players screaming at the ref to review every little thing. Injuries are exaggerated even more as an attempt to get VAR to look at things and hopefully get a decision.

        While there have been some things that VAR has helped with, there are many other behaviours that it seems to be encouraging.

        I do like the fact that Gareth Southgate seems to be drumming into the England players that they should do their damnedest to avoid getting hold of anyone in the penalty area and risking a penalty. The Tunisia one went against them – good reason to make sure they keep their discipline.

      • Copy cricket and tennis. Each team can request 2 vars per half. Or similar.

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    Host broadcaster, I don’t think either BBC or ITV have much choice about the pictures they get. I suppose they could cut to the studio, but would probably require showing the game with a few seconds delay.

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    @pippy Maybe because football is the number one sport in over 100 countries, and rowing and track cycling are minor sports in about 15 countries.

    And anyway, English footballers don’t lack for passion, drive and guts. If they could win just by trying harder they would; it’s the skill, guile and composure they’re lacking.

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    I bought a cheap one from Argos (I think it was £20-30). It wasn’t much more expensive than the ones on Ebay that you’ve probably got to drive miles to collect.

    It works perfectly well and gives good all round exercise. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as I hadn’t used one before and knew that before long it would be collecting the dust …. which it is!

  • I did once have a boyfriend who seemed happy enough to be with an independent woman. We moved in together. We were both working fulltime. After a few weeks I raised the issue of cleaning – as in I was doing far more than he was. He replied “well I am happy to help out but I draw the line at cleaning toilets!”

    It didn’t last much beyond that…… I think the cultural biases are very interesting. His view was clearly that HE was helping ME with MY work, lol.

  • @connie Don’t you find it fun every now and then to say the things you aren’t allowed to say? The words you always have to be guarded about? Especially if its darkly amusing and instantly understood by those around you at the time?

    Seems like a uniquely modern problem, where the main channels of communication are recorded and freely available for vindictive individuals many years later to go looking for words that, taken out of context, are no longer permissible. Back when it was just Fred at the local pub (or you in the virology department) making the comments nothing would come of it.

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    Maybe they needed the cash and hoped in the UK that nothing illegal or inappropriate would happen. Or perhaps, they were used to working in city pubs and happy to put up with some abuse because they didn’t have any other way to make money. Life’s shit for some people, made worse by idiots misbehaving in the name of charity.

    For what it’s worth, or wasnt a charity dinner. The charitable bit was the donations of prizes they were given. All the people at the dinner did was pay for their food, entertainment and anything they bought in an auction. If I give a bottle of whisky to a tombola and you pay to enter, we’re both giving something not in the expectation of a return. If it’s an auction you only pay if you win.

  • Some these tweet were from 2010-2011 some sad person must have trawled through his entire twitter account trying to find dirt on him. This is just a witch hunt…The media are really going at it recently with the man hating agenda.

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    I have no idea whether that is the case or not, although it does sound plausible but I do think that we should be very careful about what we eat and what has happened to the food before it gets to us. I am currently struggling with meat from corn-fed animals, as I am allergic to corn and trying to work out the history of most meat is a nightmare.
    I wish that organic farming was much more popular/cost effective, so that it would become more widespread.

    @donna You can buy pasture fed animals, Pasture for Life, a fairly recent thing where animals are reared on grass alone. I suggested this to my son, but ours do get a bit of wheat in the fattening yard, because most of them are continental crosses. The Herefords, and native breeds will fatten on grass alone. I think that these are…[Read more]

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    I don’t want him sacked I just hope he gets disillusioned and leaves.
    Performances are lack lustre and they continually miss chances to close the gap on city.
    He is not a good ambassador for the game and especially United.

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    Lots you can do to help. You might find that rolling your foot over a bottle of water which has been frozen should relieve the pain.

    There are lots of stretches you can do, the most commonly recommended one is to stand on the edge of a step and lower the heel down, stretching out the sole and calf.

    Make sure you are wearing supporting footwear, you may need orthotics to support the feet.

    The foot is often neglected but so important. If you can find a good Pilates studio or yoga studio they will be able to help you use your feet properly.

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    I was told that one kilo or weight on your body equals 4 on your knees. Have always been lucky enough to have enough physical exercise, manual work/chores to not put on weight, even after ceasing to run a few years ago. We do eat only one meal a day(a big one,) OH, who’s 56 and me at 65, drink a little wine and enjoy desert…but…both feel horrible when we put on two kilos(like over the holidays.) This is what scares me(plus THE REST,) about having knee surgery, not being active during the period of convalescence…His temperature swings remind me of when I had two bad malaria attacks NO FUN to say the least…Hope things improve and you’ve good medical advice while everything is healing…

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