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    Not long ago my life was saved through a course of antibiotics, so I’m towards the view that they serve a useful purpose.

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    Last summer Arsenal made profit in the transfer market. I’d like to see them spend some of their massive wealth on players. They’ve bought too many duffers – so need to sort this out (one of the reasons Wenger has to go). And I’d like to see them playing as if they really meant it – bad management a key factor here (another reason Wenger has to go). And many of the fans are voting with their feet (another reason). Their business model is in danger of total failure – making profit on players but finishing outside Champions League !!

    I know what you mean about buying trophies, but I am a Wigan Latics fan and more than happy to prove you wrong on that one !!!

    • Serious question – how is it bad management re: the playing style?
      It’s brilliant what Wigan did (as a United fan you had me cheering from the rafters). But, you’ll not be bank rolling a bid for Messi anytime soon off the back of a good FA Cup run. It almost (could?) prove where the focus lies. There are trophies and there are trophies – unfortunately.

    • Buying trophies is why football is the new wrestling – it’s entertainment but it’s not sport. Just like you sit there in a Bond film routing for 007 to win, but really he always does. The outcomes are predictable. Can’t see why the average person wastes any time, money or effort on professional football. Plenty of good sport available these days.

      Football, like the stock market, is just a money game – no longer tied to it’s original purpose.

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    The same could be said for the consumerists of the world in general. Why for example do people have such a Hard-on for taking down Oxfam. Yes, obscene things were done to extremely vulnerable people in the name of charity.

    Oxfam, on the whole try their best to do good in the world, but public opinion went for the jugular. Here we have an event that has been in the media since seemingly forever yet there is no public outrage in the UK or on a global stage.

    Also Qatar isn’t exactly on best terms with its Arab neighbours. Does money really trump all?

  • I was a very independent girl friend. I bought a flat first and he moved into it. I have always out earned him. I’ve always had my own hobbies and friends. But when we got married it was really odd – all of a sudden he was being very attentive/chivalrous and ‘husbandly’ and seemed to want me to be ‘wifely’. I sorted that out PDQ and we have been happily and equitably married ever since!

    My father had very clear ideas about the roles of wives and mothers and they weren’t remotely compatible with my mother’s views on that! Oops. He has remarried a woman who seems to have read and obeyed The Rules. She is subservient, deferential, highly decorative and grant his every whim. In turn he adores the ground she walks on. Works for them I guess!

  • There are WAY too many people who don’t get irony and black humour. If they ever read texts or overheard me and my mates at the wall we would never get employed!

    @fi Oh, they “get it”. But they can’t resist the opportunity to go pointing fingers or making victim narratives out of it (I would say “virtue signal” but even that phrase appears to trigger folks now).

  • I have no idea whether that is the case or not, although it does sound plausible but I do think that we should be very careful about what we eat and what has happened to the food before it gets to us. I am currently struggling with meat from corn-fed animals, as I am allergic to corn and trying to work out the history of most meat is a nightmare.
    I wish that organic farming was much more popular/cost effective, so that it would become more widespread.

  • Depends on the cause of the pain – I’d suggest seeing your GP as first point of call. I had a few years of terrible foot pain caused by a Morton Neuroma which I had surgery to remove last October – I then over did it running in December and sprained it and that just required trying to rest it as best as I could… So yeah, I’ve had two types of pain in the ball of my foot and they required different things to fix so go see your GP 😉

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    He doesn’t get results.

    @lilly He does, though. United wouldn’t be in the Champions league if he hadn’t.

    Sean Dyche is the exact opposite to the above, and more likely to replicate Fergie.

    I like Dyche, like his style, like his attitude. But Fergie was a once-in-a-generation manager and no-one is ever going to get close to his record. But, should the opportunity arise, I’d like to see Dyche offered an interview for the job.

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    I would go to physio first, see what they say as doctor (well mine do) would only refer you to one and then investigate after

    If physio wants scans etc they can write a letter to your doctor.

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    Just a little update- Went to see my GP, it turns out I had fractured my coccyx and as a result the area is badly inflamed- coccydynia I think it’s called.

    I have been put on high strength painkillers and anti-inflams, have been referred for Physio and then will be having steroid injections into the area.
    Unfortunately the pain has got worse from when I last posted, so it’s definitely not something that’s going to go away on its own. GP inferred that often once a significant amount of damage has been done, it is a life-long condition. I sill have no idea how I fractured it.

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    I’m definitely not aware of doing anything that may have fractured it, but who knows.

    Will see what my GP can come up with.

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    About 3 months ago I started getting severe coccyx pain when I stood up after being sat down. The pain would last for a few seconds on standing and then gradually ease off. It was the type of pain that made me stand up really gradually and took my breath away.
    This has gradually got worse and now I’m in severe pain with it when sitting as well as when I first stand up. I rode for the first time in 3 weeks today (due to flu) and the pain has gotten worse, causing me to tilt my pelvis to try and relieve it. I’ve noticed I’ve started doing this when sitting too. When I rise to the trot, I get the severe pain on rising, like I do when I stand after sitting.

    I don’t recall having an accident or a fall to have triggered this, or indeed do I even remember banging myself. I’m not…[Read more]

  • I would not bother with the GP see a private Physio who does sports type work and see a podiast to get insoles made!

  • I love my karrimor leggings. Drawstring waist although I never bother with it as they stay up without & mobile phone pocket at the back 🙂

  • Returning to the same hospital should be okay but a different one won’t know their history.
    If it’s right that they cost £13 each and that adds up to £80k a year I don’t blame them not taking the chance.
    It would cost far more if a pair broke and granny ends up breaking a hip.
    The ambulance chasers would be salivating at the thought.