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I think it would be crazy to sack him.

He gets results, we’re back in the CL, won a European trophy.

City are better than us this year, we need a few more players but I think he’s building a strong team.

I also don’t like sacking managers. City have spent hundreds of millions on an already strong team. Ignore a few draws, the loss to Huddersfield and we’d have a good points total. We’ve not done well enough against top teams but the weak performance against Liverpool was most dissappointing. Since then we’ve been OK but lost Pogba through injury then the ban. He’s a huge loss to the team.

Mourinho has issues with manmanagement but he’s also improved a few players, Young and Lingard two obvious ones but I think Martial is a better all round player. Rashford is coming on but misses too many chances at the moment.

Dyche is way too soon. Fergie had won trophies and had 5-6 years of top level experience.

And yes second is acceptable. You don’t sack someone for not winning a title. We need to be in contention, but City have been incredible this year.