World cup - June 28, 2015

England beat hosts Canada 2-1

England have now made it to the semi finals of the world cup after beating the world cup hosts in a epic game! The final score was Canada 1 (Sinclair 41) England 2 (Taylor 11, Bronze 14).
How the match went?

At the very start Canada’s defense seemed all over the place this gave an early opportunity for England as Christine Sinclair made a brilliant run through an open defense passing it to Melissa Tancredi who only had to get it past Karen Bardsley but wasted the chance by kicking the ball over the bar.

However a more successful opportunity came just minutes later…

It had been Jodie Taylors first time in the starting line up in a long time because of injury but it was a good job she was given the chance this time to play as just 11 minutes into the game Allysha Chapman stumbled with the ball allowing for Jodie Taylor to swipe the ball off her and with great composure smashed the ball into the back of the net.

There was no time for Canada to lick their wounds however as minutes later England scored yet another goal. As Canada gave away a free kick to England, Fara Williams managed to kick the ball into the mixer (box) allowing for Lucy Bronze to header the ball over Erin McLeod just in under the bar of the net…

Despite Canada’s efforts the host side seemed to crumble after that.. it looked as though England were about to make it 3-0 with another chance coming from yet another free kick from Williams to Katie Chapman to head however the ball hit the bar this time!

Canada manged though to pull themselves together and get a goal. On the edge of the box Sinclair fed the ball to Ashley Lawrence who then crossed it in but was spilled by Bardsley this allowed Sinclair to simply plant the ball into an empty net.

Despite being in the lead in the second half, England still where on the attack and managed to get a few more good opportunities however luck wasn’t on their side… luck wasn’t on Canada side either too despite composing themselves and putting up a fight.

England will be facing the current holders of the world cup Japan in their next game in the semi finals.

Making the semi finals is a real triumph for the England team as the womens side has never made it this far before in a world cup!

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