Brazil vs South Korea! Brazil break records!

South Korea stood no chance as Brazil dominated possession (68%). The final score ended at 2-0 to Brazil.

This was a game that put two Brazilian players into the record books. Firstly Formiga who is playing her 6th world cup at the age of 37 managed to score an opening goal and win the title as the oldest person to score ever in a Womens World Cup then if that wasn’t enough Brazil’s Marta scored with a second half penalty kick Marta has appeared 93 international appearances and this is her 92 goal stats that would rival any top male football player however this latest goal from Marta was something special. This is her 15th goal scored in total in Women’s World Cups this means she beats the current record of 14 held by herself and former Germany striker Birgit Prinz.

After the game Marta has explained how she nearly quit playing soccer after getting criticism from her peers as she grew up.

“As I got older and became a teenager there were more people criticizing me. For example ‘this is not a sport for you, go find something else to do in an area for women’,”

This proves that If you enjoy something and believe in what you do you should never give up no matter what others say!

3 thoughts on “Brazil vs South Korea! Brazil break records!

  • mel

    This is great! Womens world cup is being a huge success and is being talked about more and more! I am so glad……that this womens world cup is not being overshadowed by FIFA.. and prooves that what was happening over at Fifa isnt what Football is about.. this is what football is about inspiring people… (I dont think people at fifia are even interested in football but just get into being fifa bosses because of the money not for the love of football)

  • jess

    Well done to Marta!


    Brazil hasnt won the world cup yet but with a bit of luck they might this year…

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