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Boston Breakers lose against seattle 3-0

Sorry for the late news report…by 2 day! only just noticed that nobody else bothered posting about this match yet…(#weneedmorememebers!)

2 606 fans turned out to watch the game on Sunday were Seattle Reign and Boston breakers took each other on! and for those in the home crowd it was worth coming as Seattle broke the Boston breakers with the end result settling at 3-0! The first goal came when Kim Little managed to score from a penalty in the second half (49 minutes into the game) then 5 minutes later she scored again making it 2-0! It was a close game through out as either side had plenty of chances and possession of the ball but it was Seattle reign that seemed to have luck on their side!
Rapinoe would later score the decider in the 88th minute…. ending all hope for the Boston side!

It was going well for the Breakers at the start of the match, the Breakers looked as though they would get a early lead in the 5th minute with a Joanna Lohman volleyed a ball from a crossing made by O reilly which was ever so close to going in but didn’t!

This big loss at the start of the nwsl will really hurt the Breakers team… and may even put doubt into the players minds about the new coach’s strategy Tim Durkin! Maybe the Boston Breakers next game at home against Houston Dash may go a little bit better.. but even though Houston Dash maybe the newbies to the league if their last game against the Champs Portland thorns is anything to go by Boston Breakers will have to up their game on 20th april!

Like all the games you can watch them on youtube LIVE… or catch up on all the league action if you missed something!

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