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Aching feet

I have been suffering non stop recently with sore aching feet when I play soccer and I really have had enough that is why i have decided to go ahead and go buy some insoles but what to buy? Well I have been doing some research on what I should buy and I have came to the conclusion hat custom insoles are a waste of money and so are flimsy and no good comfy ones too because custom insoles are just a huge waste as apparently you can buy many insoles out there that will fit that can be bought off the shelf and custom insoles are only for those with major problems of over or under pronation so otherwise they wont do much else for anyone else and comfy insoles for example wooly ones aren”t any good because they do not provide rigid support.. so what should you buy then? Well I have bought myself a pair of gel ones and could not really be any be happier as they have really stopped all pain and discomfort for me.

Protection is really important whilst playing football even something like kicking the football can damage your feet through the shock created by striking the ball with your feet so you need to get some that protects not just the arch of your foot but also the metatarsal and toe area from damage too, gel insoles can do this as they mold to the shape of your feet and thus shield the toe and metatarsal area just enough to stop and absorb shock created through kicking the ball and other things you may do in soccer. Arch support is really important as well as your plantar fascia must cope under a lot of strain and pressure created by your body weight and having a little help stop inflammation of the plantar fascia which is really quite common among athletes and those constantly on their feet having this extra support which gives your arches more stability and support really does help and takes some of the strain off reducing risk if injury as the plantar fascia is less tight. Wearing a good pair of insoles is also really a good way of running more efficiently as less energy is loss through the insoles form hitting the floor a good pair will not loose energy but will convert it into a spring which will help power you on whilst you run.. and that is not all I have found that the best insoles will also help prevent long term damage to the foot also by spreading pressure and shock evenly through out the foot as opposed to in a focused spot which over time can cause manufacturers due to the constant shocks no matter how small… with he insoles absorbing and depleting the shock this damage becomes minimal and the effects largely reduced.

Soccer is a 90 minute game discounting extra time of course it is a long and tiring game and sometime you may feel your heel start to hurt because you have been on your feet right through the game this is caused by pressure build up on the heel as your heel bone digs into the heel tissue below this is not good… gel insoles are really the best for protecting against this as many of these insoles will have built in heel cup”s and these heel cups help to stop the build up of pressure by cushioning the heel and molding to the changing pressures and shapes helping better spread the pressure and you may notice is that the pain on the heel may get worst as you start running or jumping as this further shock can further aggravate the heel but heel cups greatly reduce the impact shock and stop these aches and pains once and for all. Running can be a tricky business and especially if you are under pressure from a defender in football you may get caught out and start running in a awkward position which can cause damage or you may sprain something because you stepped wrongly… the bets insoles you can buy should make sure that the chances of this happening are reduced by making sure your foot is stable and with rigid support that prevents your foot from moving in a awkward and potentially harmful position as well which is really helpful especially if you are a striker like me and are always dodging and weaving through players which can be tricky at the best of times and I have more than once slipped up. A pair of good insoles does not have to cost a arm and a leg! I bought mine for less than $10 and have no complaints about them, I was going to go for a pair of custom ones but that was before one of my friends warning me against them as she said when she bought a pair they did not work half as good as the old gel insoles she had and worn for ages and she felt kind of scammed after shelling out over $100 for a pair of custom ones that did not do much.
The whole point of custom insoles is that they are purposely built form your particular feet but if you just buy some mewl insoles that mold to your shape anyway it kind of makes custom insoles redundant especially as gel insoles will constantly adapt to the changing pressures and shape of your feet as you run which is really important but because custom insoles are fixed and do not adapt then they cannot provide the best protection and support that you need. There are plenty of places you can get a pair from online I prefer buying some from nuovahealth, the exact ones I have are: http://nuovahealth.co.uk/shop/massaging-gel-insoles as they do just fine for me and playing football. If you are still unsure there are plenty more insoles articles and review that you can read here on WPS in the Physio section. Thanks for reading my article and I hope that this at least helps you even just a little bit.

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