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I suffered from terrible migraines from the age of 11-made me sick aswell. We landed upon Syndol which was the only thing that worked for me. It had a drug in it that is used in some sleeping tablets- sort of like a muscle relaxant. But my headaches/migraines were very frequent and I was taking syndol several times a week. Then about 8 or 9 years ago it got discontinued I think due to a licensing problem with the muscle relaxant ingredient. I remember being in an absolute panic because I had visions of my life being blighted by constant migraines again. I had a couple of packs stock piled and became very strict with myself about taking them, reserving them for simply dreadful vomiting migraines and just trying co-codamol for the rest (nothing else even touched them)

My migraines started to get less and less and it occurred to me that my body had become that addicted to the syndol that it was actually giving me headaches so I would take them. I’d only ever read about that happening.

I suffer occasionally from what I would class as a migraine, and get bad headaches a few times a month, which I sort with co-codamol. Syndol is back on the market without that ingredient, but I don’t use it anymore.