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1996 wasn’t a world cup..

We were good in patches but pretty poor in other games. Scotland and Spain especially and that Germany team wasn’t great.

Similar in 1990, we were lucky against Cameroon especially.

This was pretty good. Walker looks a liability but has pace. But he does switch off and takes gambles, lets balls run that a center half shouldn’t. He still plays like he’s a wing back. I thought the penalty was harsh but see why it was given but then so should the one on Kane. But holding is inconsistently dealt with, hence why defenders still do it. With VAR this should be cut out.

Loftus Cheek looked dangerous, Sterling had a poor game. Lingard missed chances but gets into good areas. Rashford was more direct than any of them.

I don’t know how Stones didn’t connect with that chance. 1 game in, and a big win in terms of qualification. We should have won comfortably but they created lots of chances and played decent football.