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    They had a team between 2001-05, having previously been an unofficial ‘supporters club’ (since the 70s!). It was disbanded by the new owners at the time as it was deemed to be away for the core business and was unprofitable. Ironically, these new owners were (and still are) American.. which seems strange given the strength of the women’s game in the states.

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    The issue boils down to what it means to be a female, which unfortunately has a different answer depending on the context in question.

    In many situations there’s a lot to be said for self-identification, as it clearly offers major psychological advantages to those whose sex assignment changes or never fitted cleanly into either binary category.

    But in sport that solution has major problems due to the considerable advantage that sometimes may come with being trans or with being inter-sex and competing as a female athlete.

    Trans is, to my mind, an easy one to dismiss, although I can appreciate the argument for it while still disagreeing. It’s inter-sex issues that are the really thorny issue because the nature and scope of inter-sex differences is broad and diverse, including…[Read more]

    • I’m not sure there’s so much difference between trans and intersex. A trans person is going to have taken a lot of artificial hormones, maybe for a long time, so they’re going to be as untypically male as they are female (whichever way they transition), much like an intersex person.

      As a monist (in the mind-body sense) I would view trans people as having an intersex condition affecting the brain; and the same with homosexuality – a bit controversial, but logical IMO. Once a trans person has taken a load of hormones I don’t see how they can compete “on a level playing field” with either sex.

      I think the thorny issue is a broad one: like every single other biological category, the boundaries of male and female are blurred. Competitive sport is a context in which the boundary has…[Read more]

  • Henrietta Lacks……….born 1920, died 1951.

    This woman has unknowingly enabled a wide range of research and contributed to many medical breakthroughs from the development of the polio vaccine, studying and treating cancer, “first cells in space”, in vitro fertilization and many more ……….and the start of medical ethical debate on consent. Cells were isolated from her cancer and were the first cell lines to be able to be grown in culture, they have grown for over 65 years…….modern science and medicine would be a different place without her.


  • If it’s tribalism brought about by football, then isn’t if fair to say that ‘football culture’ is essentially to blame?

    Very interesting question. Not being a footie sort of person, I had no idea until I researched it just now that for years football hooliganism has been known as the “English Disease”. How mortifying.

    But no, I’m not sure it’s either specifically English or related to football. In 12th-century France, for example, (as well as England), the tournaments held by the ruling aristocracy were organized riots involving thousands of men spread over many miles of countryside. Hundreds died or were injured and the surrounding area was trashed during the event by these state-sponsored hooligans. As well as being regarded as vital training for warfare it was considered a…[Read more]

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    1996 wasn’t a world cup..

    We were good in patches but pretty poor in other games. Scotland and Spain especially and that Germany team wasn’t great.

    Similar in 1990, we were lucky against Cameroon especially.

    This was pretty good. Walker looks a liability but has pace. But he does switch off and takes gambles, lets balls run that a center half shouldn’t. He still plays like he’s a wing back. I thought the penalty was harsh but see why it was given but then so should the one on Kane. But holding is inconsistently dealt with, hence why defenders still do it. With VAR this should be cut out.

    Loftus Cheek looked dangerous, Sterling had a poor game. Lingard missed chances but gets into good areas. Rashford was more direct than any of them.

    I don’t know how Stones didn’t connect…[Read more]

  • My father: “Women like you and your mother scare the **** out of men.”

    Scary and proud

    He is married to a woman who likes to have a nice clean, tidy house full of wee ornaments. And they are very happy.

  • The Presidents club was for the “masters of the universe” the “Alpha males” the “men of influence” or whatever phish they believed in to maintain their sense of entitlement.

    Surely you can see that power gradient plays a part in how it is perceived and the reaction to it middle aged men of a certain place in the social ladder have a real blind spot in their perception of their attractiveness to the opposite youthful sex, so whoever thought it was a good idea to mix alcohol, middle age influential men, and young women in skimpy skirts in the midst of the %metoo campaign was something of a arse.

  • It has been revealed that new England women’s head coach Phil Neville apparently made sexist remarks on social media a couple years ago and now they are coming back to haunt him.

    In tweets made on twitter he said that women would be too “busy making breakfast/getting kids ready”

    and joked he had “just battered the wife”.

    Is Phil Neville sexist? Should he lose his jobs for this? Or are people overreacting?

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    Couldn’t open the link but is it based on American systems? They farm dairy very differently to the UK (and europe) and use hormones to produce milk rather than the cow having a calf. Their way is illegal here so no hormones in British (and European) dairy products.

    Our milk is sampled daily, if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be it all goes down the drain.

    Yes an American who runs the website as a Charity, albeit staffed with a large number of well paid staff, and through the website promotes his books.

    Not convinced OP but do agree with the old adages (although not often good at living by them!) – we are what we eat and everything in moderation.

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    Maybe not….

    More research is needed. I have long wondered if there is a link between formula and early puberty but it does not seem the case, through the effect on childhood obesity is there and that in itself can affect puberty…. Anyway more research is needed.

  • Very funny. Although I have to say I’d take winning a cup plus relegation any day of the week.

  • For those who like a superstitious punt, 5 years ago Wigan Athletic beat Bournemouth after a replay in the third round. We then went on to beat Man City and win it. Last night, did the same again against Bournemouth (third round after a replay), but even more convincingly. So, place your bets.

    Hammers fans – be worried, very worried.

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    I woke up this morning with really bad ball of foot pain

    I have had this twice in my life here is my story…

    First time was caused by walking around for ages in winter at night on ice in cheap ordinary shoes. The BAD pain lasted 2-3 months then gradually went away

    Second time was caused by wearing cheap shoes which had metal studs coming through though still padded. I only found out when someone examined the shoes carefully & pointed it out. Binned them

    Hope you get better soon 🙂

  • I get numbness in some standard trainers, running and cross training etc, if I then do a quad stretch holding my foot a satisfying crunch occurs things settle down. I don’t think my feet like the fixed position/forced break over of that sort of trainer and found I am much better with something more minimalist (I use merell bare access), I have wide feet too and these have a larger toe box so my toes can still move. I don’t know if that will help with the rubbing but as you seem to be struggling with ‘standard’ set up it might be worth considering that route?

    They look the same as normal trainers just a thinner more flexible sole, no drop from heel to toe and more room for toes!

    do you think you have more toe room in what you are using that doesn’t rub?

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  • Did you not try taking them back to the place you got them from (and which you say asked for them back)?

    @sista When I got injured, I took a cab to a Minor Injuries Unit, which was closed temporarily. The driver took me to the hospital with A&E instead. I drove today to a hospital nearby just to find ruins – it was demolished, apparently! So I drove to the closest other hospital, thinking that’s the one we agreed it should be fine to drop them off. I believe nurse mentioned that any hospital should have been fine regardless. Or so I thought.

    I probably should have taken them back where I got them from, thinking in retrospect.

  • @kelly Nah, they seemed pretty standard. I was asked to return them regardless as it made sense to me. I really don’t have a use for them. Well, apart from the fact that the scan last month revealed that I have broken my ankle before (fully healed up by now, but there’s a chip floating around) and I am still not sure how that happened.

    There’s few articles suggesting they should be accepting them regardless:

    > The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is spending thousands of pounds every year on replacement crutches. For every 50 pairs of crutches that are issued to patients only 10 pairs are returned.


    > The trust lends more than 5,000 pairs of crutches out each year and the vast…[Read more]

  • I was given a pair of crutches a wee while ago when I sprained my both ankles. They weren’t brand new, but in more than decent nick. Needless to say, they were super handy since I didn’t leave home for a week and was getting a cabin fever.

    I was asked to return them as they cost a fair bit. It all makes sense – I am not going to use them anyway (hopefully!). I got to a different A&E and they refused to take them due to Health and Safety reasons?! This just sounds like a waste of money… It’s just a nonsense!

    Luckily, I saw a woman who broke/sprained her leg, so I just offered them to her, which she accepted. At least she won’t take another pair of crutches which she won’t be able to return.