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5 Live were are asking the other day;

1. winner 2. surprise package 3. golden boot’

So, 1. Germany (coz they always do) 2. Uruguay (good team plus Suarez), 3. Suarez (he will get a netfull against Saudi Arabia) and they Uruguay will progress (otherwise Mo Salah))

Think England could fluke to the semi’s…..and Vardy will be the surprise hero when we start lobbing it long and they cant handle his speed coz not used to this style. Most pundits (Linekar, Waddle specifically) used to go and on about ‘England wont win until we start playing 5 in the mid field etc etc etc. But we havent got the quality of player for this continental style (only Scholes ever good enough) so we should play to our strengths – route 1 after 70 minutes !!